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M.O.R.E. Hide-A-Step Ideal for Ford or Chevy/GMC Trucks with Large Tires



M.O.R.E. (Mountain Off-Road Enterprises) makes it easy to get into your Ford or Chevy/GMC pickup with large tires with its Hide-A-Step.

The Hide-A-Step is incredibly easy to install. It lowers your “step up” 11 inches, and has a quick disconnect feature for easy removal for when you want to go wheelin’. Class IV zinc plating protects against harsh winter conditions and road hazards, and each Hide-A-Step is proudly made in the USA.

M.O.R.E. will also has an ARB Compressor Mount for 1996-2006 Jeep TJ. The mounting bracket fits under your hood and mounts your ARB CKMTA12 Twin Motor/Dual Cylinder On-Board Air Compressor. The bracket is made of 1/8-inch plate and powdercoated black. Zinc plated steel risers, bolts, and stainless steel bolts give you a durable product that will last for the life of the Jeep. This mount fits 1996 to 2006 Jeep TJ Wranglers and is easy to install. A drill, sockets and wrenches is all you will need!


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  1. Harrison Root says:

    where is the hide a step for 2001 Dodge 2500 trucks. I want two of these.

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