1978-chevrolet-malibuMost people build a project car and then, if they’re fortunate enough, take it on a road trip.

John McGann, editor of Car Craft magazine, likes to do things a little differently. McGann and his son, Danny, have decided to combine the project build and road trip into one experience by crossing the country in their new, yet-to-be-completed 1978 Chevrolet Malibu project vehicle. McGann purchased the Malibu in Akron, OH and will stop at various places along the way to gradually add performance parts before reaching Los Angeles, CA. They’ve jokingly dubbed this little exercise The Tour of Power (take that, Hot Rod).


Why not.

Actually, there is a purpose to the trip. John McGann says the G-body makes the perfect affordable project car for the Car Craft audience. The trip will provide an opportunity to shine the spotlight on various shops and parts manufacturers across the country. And since Danny just had his 15th birthday, it’s the perfect chance for some father/son bonding.

1978-chevrolet-malibu-ron-greczarikThe first stop was at Trick Flow Specialties in Akron, OH, where the Malibu received a new small block engine to power the car westward. The engine is topped off with a Trick Flow 195cc top-end kit to put a little extra power in the Tour of Power. Trick Flow, with support from Summit Racing, also installed Scat internals (crank and rods), Sealed Power pistons, a hydraulic roller cam, Holley 650 cfm carburetor, and Trick Flow’s dual-plane intake manifold.

You can see the engine build and subsequent upgrades in a future issue of Car Craft. You can also get updates from the McGanns’ various pit stops right now by going here. For now, check out the video for the hows and whys of the Malibu project.

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Author: David Fuller

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