2011 Chevy CamaroAn easy way to bolt on some horsepower to your 2011 Gen 5 Camaro is a cold air intake. With the horsepower potential of the GM 6.2L LS engine, why wouldn’t you want an inexpensive way to bolt on more horsepower and torque, and potentially enhance fuel economy (not that we buy a Camaro for the MPG)? With that in mind, we picked out a few air intake systems from Summit Racing that stood out to us.



K&N 69 Typhoon Air Intake

K&N 69 Typhoon Air IntakeThe K&N 69 Typhoon Air Intake kit features an installation time of under 90 minutes and that includes time to go back and search for the directions you threw away. Also included in the K&N Typhoon Air Intake Kit is the famous reusable 100,000 mile air filter. K&N has tested their Typhoon Air Intake for the 2011 Camaro and has seen gains of 18 horsepower thanks to the free flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tubing. The 69 Typhoon Intake Kit only requires a couple screwdrivers and some wrenches for complete installation.



Volant Powercore Air Intake

Volant Powercore Air IntakeVolant Performance has done the math and created a C.A.R.B.-exempt air intake. The Volant Powercore Air Intake removes the bulky air box and restrictive factory filter to give you a smooth airflow from a high-volume air box and air filter. Upon first glance at the Volant Powercore, you may not even notice it is installed on your 2011 Camaro because they designed the top of the air box to match the factory engine cover for a nice clean look. The PowerCore consists of a synthetic filter that is water resistant and never needs oiled.




BBK Cold Air Intake System

BBK Cold Air Intake SystemBBK has simplified the horsepower gains for your 2011 Camaro with its CAD designed American-made Cold Air Intake for the Gen5 Camaro. It includes a washable cotton filter element for maximum airflow and a dyno-tested 12- to 18-horsepower gain over stock. You only need two tools to install the BBK Cold Air Intake System: a screwdriver and a torx 20 bit. You can choose blacked-out inlet tube or a chrome tube to shine up your engine compartment. In 30 minutes or less you will be on your way to improved horsepower gains.


Airaid SynthaMax MXP Series Cold Air Intake

Airaid SynthaMax MXP Series Cold Air IntakeWhen you really want to customize the look under your 2011 Camaro hood, take a look at the Airaid SynthaMax MXP Series Cold Air Intake. Airaid has taken the blue Synthamax filter and paired it up with a genuine hand-laid carbon fiber intake tube with a billet aluminum mass airflow sensor housing. Airaid MXP Intake Systems are backed by Airaid’s no hassle lifetime warranty and are an easy bolt-on installation. The Airaid MXP Air Intake maintains the proper air-fuel ratio, so there’s no need to recalibrate after installation.

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Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders