AR LIVE 6-26

Our friends at Auto Revolution are hosting live video streaming of the C10 build on Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27. The challenge: to assemble the entire truck from a bare chassis into a running vehicle in two days, then drive it over 350 miles to a all-C10 show and shine truck event on Sunday morning, June 28th.

The C10 build is hosted by PPC Customs in Clovis, CA. The Auto Revolution crew will show you how to assemble the entire truck with advice from professional installers. They will cover everything from the chassis and suspension to driveline installation, exhaust, sheetmetal, basic wiring, and interior.

Here’s a short list of goodies going on the ’62:

Live streaming of the C10 build begins on June 26 and runs from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific time Friday and Saturday (That’s noon-8 pm for you East Coasters). You can watch it from your computer at, or you can download Auto Revolution’s mobile app and watch it on your phone or tablet.

Can’t make the live show? The streaming video will be posted on YouTube after the build, and OnAllCylinders will be posting a fully edited build video later this summer.

Can the Auto Revolution guys pull this off? Will there be drama and suspense? Will they forget to tighten the lug nuts? Grab some popcorn and tune in to find out!

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