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Ford Announces Limited Run of Shelby GT350/GT350R Models for 2015


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Shelby GT350 nameplate, Ford has decided to produce a limited run of 2015 Shelby GT350 and GT350R models.

How limited?

Only 100 Shelby GT350s and 37 of the competition-tuned GT350R models will be made before switching over to 2016 model year production. Of the 100 GT350 models,  50 will be equipped with the Technology Package and 50 will come with the Track package.

“Fans of the Shelby brand are among the most passionate in the automotive industry,” said Henry Ford III, Ford Performance marketing manager. “To honor the passion of our fans for Shelby GT350’s 50th anniversary, a limited run of GT350 models will be built in 2015; these cars will be highly coveted by both Mustang and Shelby enthusiasts alike.”

The new Shelby GT350 features the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford production engine ever. The GT350R is a more race-ready version, featuring a lighter more aerodynamically enhanced design with carbon fiber wheels and race-tuned calibration. Ford settled on a production run of 37 GT350Rs to honor the number of original GT350 competition models in 1965. Although records show only 34 production versions, Carroll Shelby himself insisted there were two prototypes and 35 production models.

Pricing has not yet been set.

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  1. To Whom this reply may concern: Military tech: In 1935 My dad was training at West Point in a “Jughead” with manifold pressure problems. Ford in 1970 was forced in California into “zero-emissions,” and patented “disto-vac,” that cured the “Shelby 429 R Jughead.” It’s all a big joke, right? Ha, Ha, Ha? A bigga bigga joke, right? Sincerely, Michael Gorchovphv (ha, ha, ha a big joke!)

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