At last week’s Miami Boat Show, we got a not-so-subtle reminder that not all horsepower is meant to chew asphalt.

Cigarette Racing unveiled its Cigaratte Racing 50 Marauder GT S Concept boat. Inside, the boat packs two 9.0L four-valve, twin-turbocharged Mercury Racing engines that produce up to 1,550 horsepower–each! Using Mercury Racing’s advanced control system, you can switch the engine from 1,350 horsepower to the maximum 1,550 horses with the change of a key fob. Pretty good for a warrantied pump gas engine!

The dual engines, along with lightweight construction, take the 50-foot boat to speeds up to 135 miles-per-hour on the water. Other highlights of the engines include:

  • Quad-cam, four-valve setup  (32-valves total on the valvetrain)
  • Turbo-compressor induction with pulse-time exhaust tuning eliminates lag
  • 6,800 rpm redline
  • Common rail port injection and four-valve design helps yield 20-30 percent greater fuel economy than ever

Get a closer look at these revolutionary engines here:


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