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Ride Guides: A Quick Guide to Identifying 1960-66 Chevrolet Pickups

Some people are walking automotive encyclopedias. They can look at a vehicle and quickly ascertain year, make, model—and probably a billion other facts, too. For others, it doesn’t come quite so easily.

That’s why we’ve created Ride Guides, our series of infographics and posts designed to help you easily identify classic and performance vehicles. In this first installment, we’re taking a look at the 1960-66 Chevrolet pickups—the first generation of the popular C/K family of trucks.

As with many cars and trucks, there are subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle outward signs that help determine the exact year of the 1960-66 Chevy trucks. The design of the grille. The location of a vehicle emblem. The style of the hood or windshield. These are all telltale giveaways about the exact year of the first generation C/K pickup. Yes, there are also interior clues and underhood giveaways, but this is a quick guide meant to help you pinpoint specifics at a glance. Click on the infographic below for a quick look at the outward differences between the 1960-66 Chevrolet pickups.

And then check back for more graphics on other vehicles in the near future!




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  1. do you have a quick guide to identifying 1967-1972 GMC PICKUPS?

  2. How about adding the split dash ‘his and hers’ going away in 64 and reverse lights being added to the 65?

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  4. Garrett Pierce says:

    Another way to tell early models (60-61) is by the front suspension. Those two years used a torsion bar front suspension instead of the common coil springs used in later years. The motor mounts are also different through 1962, which used a 55′-57′ passenger car style w/front mounts and the bell housing support for the rear. The entire dash, heater controls and all was changed in 1964 and was basically the same between the 60′-63’s and 64′-66’s.

  5. Matt Owen says:

    It’s also worth mentioning that 1966 was the first year of reverse lights.

  6. Great info, i’m Installing the bed on my 1960 short bed and it seems like I have a 61/2 inch gap between the cab and the bed I was hoping that someone can tell me that’s correct! Before I start installing the wood deck any help for be greatly appreciated

  7. hola busco la goma del parabrisa del apache 1966 espejos cualquier datito me sirve gracias mi correo
    990115357 muchas gracias

  8. james McIntosh says:

    This great Poster can I get some copies of it?

  9. i just bought my 1960 chevy Apache. with 3 on the tree. but i just started ordering parts. the first problem i ran into was installing new carpet. it just did’t fit was too short on the sides. the only model available was for a 1960 c10 2WD with shifter on column. if you have any information it would be so helpful.

  10. Do you have any specifics on the differences in the cabs for a 1966 versus 1967 on the Chevy C10?

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