Remember: “It’s got four doors so it’s perfect for the family.”

Just trying to help with your sales pitch for buying the 707-horsepower, Hellcat-powered 2015 Dodge Charger sedan. The 204 mile-per-hour top speed? That can be your little secret–unless your spouse, friends, or significant other saw this video from Dodge.

Dodge says the video was taken during final testing to determine the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat’s top speed. The final numbers: a combined top speed of 204.55 miles-per-hour (206.90 mph with the wind and 202.20 against the wind). While some cried foul at the 204 mile-per-hour top speed when we originally reported it, this video (although unverified by a third party) seems to bolster Dodge’s claim about the speed.

Watch the video to see for yourself. And no–we don’t think the Charger Hellcat is just for family types. Who wouldn’t love a 204 mile-per-hour trip to the grocery store (hypothetically speaking)?