nscs_tony_stewart_456x362_png_mainTony Stewart’s affinity for dirt track racing is well known.

Now Stewart has taken his involvement in sprint car racing a step further by purchasing the All Star Circuit of Champions and Renegade Sprints circuits. In the process, he’s effectively put an end to a battle for the state of Ohio between the two series.

Stewart will merge the two organizations and operate under the All-Star Circuit of Champions banner.

“My passion for sprint car racing is well known and the All Star Circuit of Champions sprint car series has been a pillar of the sport for a long time,” Stewart said. “Racing is my business, and I look forward to building on the All Star series’ already impressive legacy by taking it to a new level of success and sustainability.”

The All Star Circuit of Champions was started in the early 1970s and purchased by Guy Webb in 2002, according to National Speed Sport News. When some competitors became disenchanted with Webb’s leadership, the competing Renegade Sprints was created to go up against the All Star series starting in 2015. As a result, drivers, tracks, and fans potentially faced a difficult decision.

Tony Stewart to the rescue.

For more details on this story, you can read the story from National Speed Sport News here.