Editor’s Note: The year 2014 gave us the introduction of the 707-horse Hellcat and the end of the popular fifth-generation Mustang. A sinkhole swallowed up a bunch of Corvettes, and then Mother Earth spit out some rare buried automotive treasure (sort of). The year provided us with some exciting new products, too. Here are the five new product profiles that garnered the most attention at OnAllCylinders in 2014:

DSC_0638-600x400MSD Performance Unveils Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold

MSD had a big year in 2014. The company developed its own line of spark plugs and then unveiled its first-ever intake manifold at the SEMA Show. The Atomic AirForce Intake Manifold for GM LS engines created quite a stir at the show and resonated with our readers. The intake should be ready for purchase in January for LS7, LS1, LS2, and LS6 platforms. Check out the original post and video to learn more.


50159angled_leftParts Bin: Edelbrock Performer Jeep 4.0L Inline Six Cylinder Head

Also introduced at the SEMA Show, Edelbrock’s Performer Jeep 4.0L cylinder head promises better-flowing intake/exhaust ports and features a more modern combustion chamber design. That means more power for 1991-2006 Jeeps with the 4.0L inline six. Best of all, it’s a direct bolt-on upgrade and is compatible with factory components and off-the-shelf accessories.



Motown-LS-Block1-260x260Motown Lowdown: Bringing LS Power to Your Vintage Chevy with the Motown LS Block

Fact: Gen I small block Chevy components are very affordable. Also fact: Gen III/IV LS cylinder heads and cam designs are high-flowing and offer great power potential. That’s why World Products decided to develop an LS engine block that gives Chevrolet enthusiasts the best of both worlds. It accepts affordable Gen I components but works with powerful Gen III/Gen IV heads and cams.

Like how that sounds? Get more details in our original post.



110Let ‘er RIPP: The Whys and Hows of Installing a RIPP Supercharger on Jeep JK

Edelbrock wasn’t the only company making big news with Jeeps.

RIPP Superchargers makes a full line of superchargers for trucks and 4x4s and introduced the world’s first supercharger system for 2012-14 Wrangler JKs using the 3.6L Pentastar engine. Dyno results say the system delivers 331 horsepower to the rear wheels with 35-inch tires. Now that’s how you get those oversized off-road tires moving!

Learn about the Whys and Hows of Installing a RIPP Supercharger here.



Lead-web-600x400Circle Change: Holley’s New Ultra XP 2-Barrel Carburetor a Game Changer for Circle Track Racers

Good news for circle track racers in 2014: Holley created a race-ready version of its old #4412 two-barrel carburetor for Late Model Stock classes. Various rules for these classes require the use of a two-barrel carb, and the #4412 had become the standard–until now. Unlike the #4412, which was set up for use on a big-block Ford pickup, the Ultra XP 2-Barrel Carburetor is modified and tuned for race duty.

What about features, you ask? See our original post, Circle Change, for all the details.

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