If you’re like us, you do some of your best work under pressure.

Whether its thrashing in the pits between rounds or navigating a particularly challenging trail (or writing an article that’s due in exactly one hour), a little extra stress can really help us raise our games. And that goes for Christmas shopping, too.

That’s right—Christmas is less than one week away. It’s time to put down that stein of Christmas Ale, back away from Grandma’s rum balls, and get to work. Whether you’re finishing your holiday shopping or completing your own gift list, we’ve put together a few cheats gift guides that’ll help you out. Gold? Frankincense? Myrrh? We’ll leave that to the non-car-loving wise men out there, and focus on gifts for Mopar, Ford—and now Chevy.

In this, the third in our series of holiday gift guides, we’re focusing on goods for the Bowtie freak:


lcs-84035_xl1:6 Scale Die-Cast Blown Chevy 350

2015 is the 60th anniversary of the small block Chevy (but you already knew that, Chevy guy). What better way to celebrate than with this 1:6 scale die-cast blown Chevy 350? Yeah, a real engine would be better but unlikely to fit under the tree.



gbs-bt2000v_xlChevy Logo Blue Nylon Bag

This 27 1/2-inch wide canvas tote is great for holding tools, road trip essentials, or gym gear. Who are we kidding—it’s for your tools and road trip essentials.




Bowtie Melamine Tumblr

We don’t care if you prefer beer or Ovaltine, this Bowtie Melamine Tumbler will make you look cooler when sipping on your favorite beverage. It’s dishwasher-safe and holds up to 16 ounces. That’s a lot of Ovaltine!





sbl-7540-121957 Chevy Bel Air Wall Clock

Add a little retro to the walls with this 1957 Chevy Bel Air Wall Clock! The brightly painted resin clock incorporates the iconic 1957 Chevy tailfin into its design and operates on a single AA battery.





brt-bg42mChevy Prints

Brent Gill creates unique prints like this 1947 Chevy Aero Woody print. And you if you don’t prefer woodies, you can choose from a wide variety of other Chevy-themed prints from Gill, who happens to be an descendant of impressionist artist Claude Monet. Yes, these prints are that good. And they make great gifts.




Chevrolet Weathervanes

Top off your house, shop, deck, or garden with a Chevy weathervane! You can choose a laser-cut weathervane with a Chevy truck, ’57 Chevy, C3 Vette, ’69 Camaro, or other iconic rides.





gxp-gmc-35ds_xlChevrolet-Themed Tin Signs

Deck the walls with—Chevy-themed tin signs? Yep. Unless you’ve got a thing for boughs of holly, we think a classic tin sign (like this Genuine Chevy Parts sign) is a better way to go.





rwm-gb9232xl_xlChevrolet T-Shirts

This classic cotton Chevrolet Find New Roads T-shirt features classic Chevy graphics and is weathered for a vintage feel.

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Author: David Fuller

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