It was this day 14 years ago that GM announced the phase out of Oldsmobile—an auto brand that dates back to Ransom Eli Olds in 1897.

The final Oldsmobile—a red Alero—rolled off the line on April 29, 2004.

But Olds lives on at OnAllCylinders! We haven’t forgotten, Ransom! We sifted through our car show photos from the past year in search of Oldsmobile models.

Echo Base, this is Rogue Two. We found them. Repeat: We found them.

Take a minute to scroll through some of the great Oldsmobiles we spotted.

red oldsmobile 442 convertible with hood up
oldsmobile hurst/olds 455 with halo headlights
olds cutlass G body coupe
w body oldmsobile cutlass supreme
red 1967 oldsmobile cutlass 442 hardtop coupe
silver cutlass supreme brougham coupe
blue olds cutlass 442 fastback coupe
green oldsmobile cutlass fastback coupe
white oldsmobile cutlass fastback coupe
Yellow Oldsmobile delta 88 convertible
colonnade era Oldsmobile Omega X body
red oldsmobile cutlass 442 convertible
fastback Oldsmobile cutlass fastback coupe
Silver 1968 oldsmobile cutlass S fastback coupe
blue oldmsobile cutlass second gen
1968 oldsmobile cutlass convertible
second gen blue Oldsmobile cutlass 442
black oldsmobile cutlass 442
red oldsmobile cutlass from the 1960s
black oldsmobile cutlass 442 AT CAR SHOW
Oldsmobile hardtop coupe at a car show
yellow Oldsmobile delta 88 convertible
vintage oldsmobile coupe at a car show
yellow oldsmobile rocket 88
vintage Oldsmobile station wagon


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