LAS VEGAS, NV — You may know TMI Products for its line of upholstery products, including door panels, floor coverings, consoles, and more.

Now the company has branched out with a full line of complete bolt-in seats that will fit a wide range of classic vehicles–anything from Desotos to Willys to Studebakers. According to TMI Products Sales Manager Waylon Krumrie, the seats allow you to get a OE factory-quality seat with modern amenities.

“(Our Pro Seat) is a fully assembled, ready-to-go seat out of the box,” he said. “It comes with frames, tracks, and it’s fully adjustable so you’re able to lean back. And that’s something you couldn’t do with a classic car. Whether you have a Willys, a Studebaker, a Desoto, or even a C10–trying to find frames for an aftermarket seat like that meant you’d have to resource something from an aftermarket car or something that wasn’t really made for your vehicle.”

TMI Pro Seats feature USA-made quality–no press board, just full metal construction. To find out more about the seats, check out the video below:

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Author: David Fuller

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