LAS VEGAS, NV–Trick Flow Specialties is huge among the Ford crowd.

Trick Flow is also a big player in the Chevrolet market, especially when it comes to LS performance.

Now, Trick Flow is offering its legendary cylinder head engineering and innovation to Mopar enthusiasts. The company unveiled its new PowerPort 240 Cylinder Heads for big block Mopar at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas Tuesday. Made from premium-grade aluminum, the heads offer a significant weight savings over traditional cast iron heads and deliver greater airflow than stock–326 cfm on the intake side at .600-inch lift! The heads also come with Trick Flow’s CNC Street Ported runners to guarantee balanced flow from runner to runner.

Watch the video below to get a closer look at Trick Flow’s new PowerPort 240 Cylinder Heads for big block Mopar.

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