From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. This week, we’re featuring more new products set to debut at the SEMA Show next week:

PastedGraphic-1Total Seal Power Ring Filer

Proudly manufactured at Total Seal® in Phoenix, AZ, this is the ultimate tool for precision piston ring grinding. The Total Seal Power Ring Filer is extremely accurate and includes an integrated dial indicator for precise readout. It features an exceptionally smooth high-output 1/15 HP ball bearing motor that operates at 3000 rpm. Included with the filer are a 3 x 1/8-inch grinding wheel, 2-1/2 x 1/2-inch deburring wheel, and a diamond wheel dresser. There are two models available: 110V and 220V . The Total Seal Power Ring Filer is a “must have” tool for serious engine builders and will make ring filing a super accurate and simple process.

Rocket RacingRocket Racing Solid Rocket Wheel

Get aboard the Solid Rocket! The Indy Roadsters of the 1950s and 60s dominated the track with six-pin drive magnesium wheels. The lighter weight six-pin replaced the outdated wire-laced wheels of the 1920s and became as much of an icon as the Offy engine.

Introducing the latest addition to the Rocket Racing Wheels arsenal, the Solid Rocket. Taking styling cues from the original Indy Roadster wheels, Solid Rocket wheels feature the same smooth, solid design front and ribbed design on the reverse side. The Solid Rocket is constructed of durable high-tech aluminum and served up at an incredible price point. Originally, the six-pin wheels were held on by a pressure plate and knockoff. The Solid Rocket re-creates the original appearance of a six-pin pressure plate and knockoff attachment but with the safety and security of a five-lug bolt on.

The Solid Rocket will be available in 16 x 5 in multiple finishes: full machined and as cast finish. Our exclusive, custom RPM7 powdercoat can also be applied to reproduce the classic, magnesium DOW7 finish of the 1960s. Mix and match the Solid Rocket (smooth style) and Rocket Fire (ribbed style) with tall, skinny vintage tires, and you’ve got the ultimate Indy look! The 16 x 5 size is versatile, as it fits most all 16-inch diameter vintage tire sizes from the short, skinny 500-16 up to the tall 825-16.  The Solid Rocket will be available in 5 x 4.50, 5 x 4.75 and 5 x 5.50 bolt patterns. Each Solid Rocket wheel is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum. The Solid Rocket is a 5-lug bolt-on wheel that utilizes conical seat open end lugs. To complete the Indy look, choose from our optional gray or polished lug cover with vintage 3-bar knockoff or our new Rocket bullet center caps and vintage dome caps.

Locking tie tool comboDEI Locking Tie Tool

Stainless steel locking ties are commonly used in many different automotive applications. Both light and strong, they can take a lot of abuse but are finicky to work with, especially for the average guy who doesn’t use them every day.

DEI has developed an effective tool to tighten stainless steel locking ties. This tool saves time and hassle while providing a professional looking result. Simply slide the tool on the end of any ¼-inch nut driver, engage the tie, and twist. This gets the tie nice and secure without the hassle.

DEI’s Locking Tie Tool will fit on the end of any standard ¼-inch drive extension so working in tight spaces is not a problem. This specialty tool works with all popular styles of stainless ties–up to ½-inch wide.

The locking tie tool is made with hardened tool steel and black oxide coated for years of trouble free use.