SEMA preview courtesy of PerTronix:

PerTronix will feature an array of new products at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, including:

Flame-Thrower® Coils for LS Engines

D30831PerTronix Performance Products has announced a complete line of performance replacement coils for popular GM LS engine applications.

These 30,000 volt rated coils will provide consistent spark energy throughout the rpm range with no energy degradation up to 11,000 engine rpm. Additional features include moisture resistant construction, plated terminals for added current conduction, and epoxy molded for shock and vibration resistance. A direct OEM replacement form factor and connections means simple installation.

The new Flame-Thrower coils will be available for GM LS1/LS6, LS2/LS7 and LS Truck engines. These coils are legal in all 50 states and Canada with a C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-21 exemption. They will be sold individually or in sets of 8.

D72000Flame-Thrower® HEI III 4-Pin Module

Available for all popular GM applications, the new Flame-Thrower GM HEI III 4-Pin Module features multiple sparks through the entire rpm range and includes an integrated digital REV limiter with LED feedback for precise RPM setting. Fool-proof control eliminates engine damage when rpm goes out of control from a missed shift or excessive wheel spin.

The new module incorporates all the features found in Pertronix’s very popular Ignitor III points replacement module including adaptive dwell, peak current control for increased coil performance, sparking timing adjustment at high rpm to compensate for electronic delay, increased energy at startup for quicker cranking, and built-in reverse polarity and over current protection.

Modules are sold separately and will fit any 4-pin GM large cap distributor.  Flame-Thrower distributors and tune-up kits can also be ordered with the new HEI III module.

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