Gen I small block Chevy components are abundant and affordable.

Gen III/IV LS cylinder heads and cam designs are high-flowing and offer great power potential.

So World Products decided to offer the Chevrolet enthusiasts the best of both worlds–an LS block that accepts affordable Gen I components and powerful Gen III/IV heads and cams. That makes the World Products Motown LS engine block a great choice for anyone looking to swap an LS-style engine into their old Gen I small block-powered Chevy.

The Motown LS allows you to use traditional small block components, including rotating assembly components, oil pan, and distributor. At the same time, it accepts the high-flowing LS cylinder heads and features a raised camshaft location, which allows you to use a 55mm babbit cam with a 4.000-inch stroke crankshaft.

The Motown LS uses the standard Gen I motor mounts, front cover, water pump, and oil pan, so it’ll fit seamlessly into your old Gen I-equipped vehicle. It can also be set up to use a carbureted induction system or accept a fuel injected setup, making it the perfect starting point for the exact LS build that you want for your vehicle.

Check out the video below for an up-close tour of the Motown LS Engine Block.

Author: David Fuller

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