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Vote Now in The Inaugural OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards!

OAC-RC-Award-14The Emmy Awards take place Monday.

While this is the 66th installment of the long-running Emmys, it seems there are awards shows for just about everything these days. The movie industry has the Academy Awards and MTV Movie Awards. The music industry has the Grammy Awards, Music Video Awards, and Country Music Awards. And sports has the ESPY Awards.  There’s also the People’s Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, and Teen Choice Awards.

Shouldn’t hot rodders have a choice, too?

We think so.

That’s why we’ve created the OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards. It’s your opportunity to vote for a winner in 14 different automotive categories—categories you just might actually care about! Most outstanding lighting design in a variety series? No. Best muscle car of the 1970s? Yes. And there’s best big block engine, most iconic aftermarket parts brand, and best automotive forum, too.

You can vote for winners in all 14 categories by writing your choices in the comments section below or by voting on each individual category as it’s shared on the OnAllCylinders and Summit Racing Facebook pages. We’ve even left a space for write-ins on each ballot, so you can lobby for your own choices if you desire.

If you prefer coveralls to a tuxedo, cut pile upholstery to red carpet, and an idling engine to a rambling host, the OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice awards are for you. Vote now!


chevrolet-00479-2Best Big Block Engine

What’s the king of the big-cube engines? The Rat, the Elephant, or a whole ‘nother animal? Vote now:

  • Chevy 396-454
  • 426 HEMI
  • Ford FE
  • Chrysler B/RB
  • Other (Write-In)


Best 1960s Muscle Car

Which car reigned supreme during the muscle car wars of the 1960s? Vote now or write in to declare the winner.

Top Automotive Forum

Where do you go for your automotive information, banter—and in some cases, abuse? The nominees for top auto forum are:

superchargerBest Power Adder

We’re not talking air filters and throttle bodies here. What is the best way to make big power in one move? The nominees:



Best Hot Rod Build Style

What it comes down to is this: Do you like to create or restore? Vote for your favorite hot rodding style below (and feel free to go off the board because hot rodding is often about freelancing):

  • Pro Street
  • Pro Touring
  • Rat-Rod
  • Restoration
  • Other (Write In Below)

Top Small Block Engine

Now’s your chance to thank all the little guys—as in small block engines. Here are our nominees:

1970-Chevelle-454-SS3Best 1970s Muscle Car

Before emissions regulations and fuel prices ended the first muscle car era, these 1970s rides got our hearts racing:


Best Automotive/Hot Rodding Television Show

There are many, but here are our nominees for our top shows currently on TV:

Greatest Bolt-On Performance Modification

On a budget? Just starting a mild upgrade? What’s the greatest bolt-on performance modification there is? The nominees:

SRT8Best Late-Model Muscle Car

Detroit has been at it again, re-igniting a brand new muscle car war. What is your favorite of the new-era muscle cars? Here are our nominees:


Most Iconic Aftermarket Brand

People have been hot rodding their vehicles for decades, and some brands have been along for the ride most of the way. Our nominees for most iconic aftermarket brands are:

Best Late-Model Truck (Past 10 Years)

How do you narrow this down to four nominees? You probably don’t, but we tried. Our nominees for best late-model truck are:

ProRides_Sick_Seconds_CamaroBest Current Hot Rod Builder

We’re partial to the everyman builds here at OnAllCylinders, but we can’t deny the great work of these nominees:


OnAllCylinders Pioneer Award

Trailblazers. Legends. Pioneers. There have been dozens of true game-changers in the hot rodding universe, but our nominees for this year include:

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  1. 1.) Chevy 396-454
    2.) 1969 Yenko Camaro
    3.) LS1 Tech
    4.) Super Charger
    5.) Restoration
    6.) Gen 1 Chevy
    7.) 1970 Chevelle SS 454
    8.) Overhaulin’
    9.) Headers
    10.) Camaro SS
    11.) Edelbrock
    12.) Silverado 1500
    13.) Chip Foose
    14.) Vic Edelbrock Sr.

  2. David Duncan says:

    Best engine olds 455

  3. 455 Olds

  4. 1.- Chevy 396-454
    2.- 1969 Pontiac GTO
    3.- Speedtalk
    4.- Nitrous Oxide
    5.- Restoration and Pro Street
    6.- Gen I Chevy
    7.- 1970 Chevelle 454 SS
    8.- Top Gear BBC
    9.- Headers
    10.- Chevrolet Camaro SS
    11.- Edelbrock
    12.- Ford F-150 Ecoboost
    13.- Chip Foose
    14.- Carroll Shelby

  5. mark monaco says:

    1969 ford mustang coupe

  6. Ford 385 engine family
    1968 Plymouth Roadrunner
    Pirate 4×4
    Pro Street
    GM LS
    1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda
    nitrous oxide
    Dodge Challenger SRT
    RAM 2500 with Cummins
    Chip Foose
    Carroll Shelby

  7. ford 460

  8. Kaeson Englert says:

    Chevy 396
    1967 nova
    Ls tech
    Pro street
    Gm ls
    1972 nova
    Fast n loud
    Carb/intake manifold
    Dodge challenger
    Silverado 2500hd
    Chip foose
    Carroll Shelby

  9. 71,72 or 76 Trans Am 455 HO 4 speed

  10. 71,72,76 Trans Am 455HO 73,74 Trans Am 455 SD

  11. 1. Ford FE
    2. 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
    3. The H.A.M.B
    4. Turbocharger
    5. Restored
    6. Rotary engine
    7. Plymouth Hemi Cuba
    8. Top Gear BBC
    9. Cat back exhaust
    10. Ford Mustang BOSS 302
    11. Edelbrock
    12. Ford F-150 Ecoboost
    13. Chip Foose
    14. Carroll Shelby

  12. Christer Holmqvist says:

    Best bolt on Randalls Rack !

  13. 1. Chevy 427W Big Block
    2. 1969 Yenko Chevelle Malibu COPO
    3. The H.A.M.B (Jalopy Journal)
    4. Nitrous Oxide
    5. Resto-Mod
    6. Gen 1 small block Chevy
    7. Road Runner Superbird
    8. Overhaulin’
    9. Carburetor and aftermarket intake
    10. Dodge Challenger Hellcat
    11. Edelbrock
    12. Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi
    13. Danny Koker
    14. Zora Arkus Duntov

  14. 1.Chevy 396-454
    2. 69 camaro
    3.Third gen camaro
    6.GM LS
    7.1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda
    8.PowerNation (formerly PowerBlockTV)
    9.Cat-Back Exhaust System
    10.Chevrolet Camaro lt1
    12.Silverado 1500
    13.Chip Foose
    14.Carroll Shelby

  15. Denny Terzich, Jr.

  16. Denny Terzich, Jr.

  17. Danny Terzich

  18. Best Automotive/Hot Rodding Television Show-Fast n Loud and Best Current Hot Rod Builder-Ringbrothers

  19. Denny Terzich Jr.

  20. Dana Parkinson says:

    Best car builder – John Parkinson

  21. Derek White @ Street Visions!…

  22. Street Vizions and Derek White

  23. Derek White @ Street Visions!!!

  24. Derek White … “Street Visions”

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