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Winter Games (Event #4): Luge – Best Road Race Vehicle


We like speed. We like danger. We like Luge.

It’s just that we’d make a few minor changes if we were in charge.

For example, no more ice—we’re done with the snow and ice. And we wouldn’t lay down either. No way. Not manly enough. Instead, we’d straddle a huge piston-pumping rocket. Of course, we’d use pistons in place of basic gravity and inertia ’cause the name of our site is OnAllCylinders.

Hey, wait a second—we are in charge!

These are the OnAllCylinders Winter Games, and motorcycles are taking over Luge like Pink Eye is taking over Bob Costas’ face. We’re rocketing down our iceless track with the coolness of Marlon Brando and the confidence of the Fonz. But we’re doing it on one of today’s fastest street bikes.

The question is which one would win the gold in a straight-up road race competition? Is it the bike with the straight-up fastest speed? The one with the best power-to-weight ratio? Or is it the bike with the nimblest handling? Be sure to vote for your winner in the comments section below.

The Contenders

Suzuki Hyabusa

Qualifying Speed: 248 miles-per-hour top speed
Power: 197 horsepower

Kawasaki Ninja

Qualifying speed: 176 miles-per-hour
Power: 200 horsepower 

Ducati 1098

Qualifying Speed: 169 miles-per-hour top speed

Power: 180 horsepower

Harley-Davidson Sportster

Qualifying Speed: 110 miles-per-hour top speed
Power: 64 horsepower

Honda CBR

Qualifying Speed: 190 miles-per-hour top speed
Power: 137 horsepower

Yamaha R1

Qualifying Speed: 176 miles-per-hour top speed
Power: 158 horsepower

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