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Winter Games (Event #2): Short Track – Best Drag Race Vehicle


Unless you like dudes in unitards chasing each other around in a circle, we think you’ll find the OnAllCylinders Winter Games version of short track more your speed. And when we say speed, we mean 6-second nostalgia Funny Cars, old-school cool Gassers, and late-model drag machines battling pass-for-pass for straight-line supremacy.

While Sochi’s version of short track takes place on ice, we relocated our short track competition to a blazin’ hot strip of asphalt. We replaced those skin-tight speedskating suits with firesuits—because our version of short track includes combustion and fire and the occasional explosion (advantage: OnAllCylinders). And we swapped out the skates for a set of drag slicks.

Bam—just like that, no more speed skating. Just speed.

Yep, our octane-fueled (and sometimes alcohol-fueled) version of short track is all about straight-line speed. And our lineup of competitors includes some legendary performers. Which of the group is the ultimate drag race vehicle?

It’s up to you!

The Contenders

Willys Gasser


In other sports, competitors lose a step as they get older. Not the venerable Willys Gasser. In fact, the Willys is fast and has as much street cred as ever. The 1941 Willys rose to prominence in the 1960s and prompted the creation of a whole new NHRA class. And it remains the poster car for the legendary Gasser Wars of the 1960s today.

Nostalgia Funny Car (You Pick)


Perhaps the prohibitive favorite for the gold, classic Funny Cars blasted into the six- and even five-second ranges on the quarter-mile. It’s hard to argue with the potency of these classics, but it’s ultimately up to you to pick the gold-medal winner. Could we have another miracle on ice…er, asphalt?

COPO Camaro



It’s the drag race-only version of one of America’s most-iconic cars of all time. The COPO Camaro burst onto the scene in 1969 to compete in Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. The limited-edition COPO Camaro was reincarnated in 2012 with a full chromoly roll cage and bare bones amenities. Like a well-trained Winter Games athlete, it’s lean and mean with all standard sound deadening and power accessories deleted to save weight.

Ford Cobra Jet


The Ford v. Chevy rivalry reminds us another Winter Games rivalry: Harding v. Kerrigan. We’ll let you decide who’s who, but there’s no denying the bad blood between the two competitors. Like the COPO, the Ford Cobra Jet is a limited-production race-only vehicle designed exclusively for the drag strip. The 2014 version features a supercharged 5.0L TiVCT engine, NHRA-certified chromoly safety cage, and lightened body components.

Mopar Challenger V10 Drag Pak

mopar-challenger-drag-carGuess that makes Mopar the Jeff Gillooly of the group.

Introduced by Mopar in late 2010, the Challenger V10 Drag Pak was created to hit the competition like a proverbial lead pipe. Featuring an 8.4L V10 Viper engine, the Drag Pak churns out 512 horsepower and utilizes a two-speed race-only transmission.

Yes, there are hundreds of other great drag machines out there, but these are the OnAllCylinders competitors. Who wins the gold? Vote in the comments section below.



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