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Welcome to The OnAllCylinders Winter Games

intro-imageWhile most of the world turns its attention to Sochi, Russia for the next two weeks, everyone with a little 110-octane coursing through their veins (you and us) should keep our attention right here.


We are proud to introduce: The OnAllCylinders Winter Games.

While NBC inundates us with stories dripping with sentimentality and American athletic heroism, we’re going to inundate you with awesome.

Automotive awesome.

Check out how creative we are.

We took real events from the Winter Games. Then we picked the four or five cars we feel are best suited to participate in each event. And we’re going to ask you to vote for the winner.

The OnAllCylinders Winter Games will feature these events:

Alpine SkiingFeb. 10  Vote for the best-handling car.

Short Track — Feb. 11  Your favorite drag-racing cars.

Cross Country — Feb. 12  Vote for your favorite road-trip vehicle.

Luge — Feb. 13 — Pick your favorite road-racing vehicle.

Figure Skating — Feb. 17 — Choose the vehicle with the most unique style and flair.

Bobsled — Feb. 19 Fast two-seaters. Pick one.

Biathlon — Feb. 21  Vote for your favorite all-purpose vehicle.

While everyone else is buzzing about Lolo Jones (women’s bobsled), Shaun White (men’s snowboard), Ted Ligety (men’s skiing), and Noelle Pikus-Pace (women’s skeleton), we’re going to be buzzing about Chevy Camaros, Shelby Cobras, Willy’s gassers, open-wheel modified race cars, and the legendary Superbird.

The games begin on Monday, Feb. 10

We look forward to your participation and learning the medal winners of each event based on your votes.

Thank you for being part of the OnAllCylinders Winter Games.




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