As a child, few things were more exciting than opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Now, as a grown-up (sort of), it’s hard to the beat the anticipation and excitement of opening a brand new Summit Racing catalog. That’s where you find the toys for us big boys.

On this Christmas morning, we’ve decided to double the fun by revisiting some of Summit Racing’s Christmas catalogs from the past. More specifically, we’ll look at the hot rods that earned the coveted cover spots on those catalogs.

How many of these rides can you remember?

TC-COVR-F150 KAYAK2004 Catalog: 2003 Ford F-150

Summit Racing created this F-150, known as Project Under ConsTRUCKtion, in two phases. They started by lifting it and turning it into an off-road truck with aftermarket accessories. Then, they turned around lowered the truck to give a sport truck vibe.

You can read more about the project as









COVR_BB-ND032003 Catalog: 1968 Mustang GT

Owner: Reggie Triggs
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Body Type: Two-door fastback
Engine: Ford Racing 514 with BDS 8-71 supercharger, Ford Racing C429 Cobra Jet aluminum heads
Body Mods: Stretched fenderwells
Paint: PPG Candy Apple Red

You can read the full story on Reggie Triggs’ 1968 Mustang GT here.





COVR-NDBB002000 Catalog: Quadradeuce II 1932 Roadster

Owner: Summit Racing
Hometown: Tallmadge, OH
Body Type: 1932 Roadster
Engine: Chevy 406 with ported 18-degree cylinder heads, Chevy Bowtie 18-degree intake manifold, DFI fuel injection
Body Mods: Recontoured roof, handbuilt steel hood; aluminum side panels, grille shell, headlights, roll pans, and taillights
Paint: PPG Smoke Charcoal Silver and Wild Cherry
Built by: Rad Rides by Troy

Learn more about the Quadradeuce II build here.




TC-COVR-F150 KAYAK2006 Catalog: 1954 Ford F-100

Owner: Bob Long
Hometown: Mogadore, OH
Engine: Ford 390FE with Ford 406 cylinder heads and intake manifold, hand-built air cleaner and valve covers
Body Mods: Chopped top, shaved door handles, hand-built tubular grille, forward-tilt hood, custom recessed taillights, oak wood bed
Paint: Chrysler Inferno Red Metallic Pearl

Read more on Bob Long’s 1954 Ford F-100.






TC-COVR-F150 KAYAK2007 Catalog: 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe

Owner: Dennis and Wanda Tonn
Hometown: Massillon, OH
Engine: 1974 Corvette L82 with World Products 194 Fuelie heads, Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, and 600 cfm street carburetor
Body Mods: Hidden door hinges, custom side hood panels, custom peaked hood, stainless steel grill, one-piece curved windshield
Paint: House of Kolor Smoke Gray

Read more on Dennis and Wanda Tonn’s 1938 Business Coupe.





COVR_BBND12_FC2012 Catalog: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Owner: Ron and Donna Champe
Hometown: Beaver, PA
Engine: Chevrolet 396 with Crane pistons and connecting rods, COMP Cams Magnum camshaft
Body Mods: Shaved door handles, deleted trim and front bumper
Paint: Sikkens Twilight Blue Pearl with custom-mix ghost stripe

Read more on this 1965 Stingray here.






TC-COVR-F150 KAYAK2002 Catalog: 1962 Chevrolet Bel-Air Wagon

Owner: Victor Ramey
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Body Type: Four-door wagon
Engine: Recon 355-cubic-inch Chevrolet with World Products Sportsman II cylinder heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, Holley 670 cfm carburetor
Body Mods: Restored to stock–over 400 hours in body prep
Paint: Sherwin-Williams custom-mix blue






COVR_BBND11_FC_mini2011 Catalog: 1927 Ford Roadster

Owner: Rich and Jane Schneider
Hometown: Hickory, PA
Engine: Mercury 255 flathead V8 with Offenhauser triple-carb manifold, Stromberg 97 2-barrel carburetors with frog mouth scoops, Offenhauser cylinder heads
Body Mods: Channeled four inches
Paint: DuPont Copper Tri-Coat

Read more about Rich and Jane Schneider’s 1927 Ford Roadster here.





COVR_BBND052005 Catalog: 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

Owner: Art and Mary Krepps
Hometown: Beaver, PA
Engine: 1969 Chevy L/88 427 with aluminum 427 L/88 cylinder heads, BDS 8-71 Stage II Air-Loc supercharger, Hilborn-style scoop
Body Mods: Custom-cut and molded hood and custom hood hinges
Paint: PPG Bright and Bold Cherry Red

Read more on Art and Mary Krepps’ Corvette.





COVR_BB_ND01_12001 Catalog: 1938 Dodge Pickup

Owner: Brian Carino
Hometown: Medina, OH
Engine: Chrysler 440 with Edelbrock STR intake manifold with triple Holley 500 cfm 2-barrel carburetors, ported Chrysler 906-casting iron heads
Body Mods: Firewall moved back 6 inches, custom cab and bed floor, transmission tunnel, wheeltubs, fiberglass front fenders
Paint: Mack Green







2004 Catalog: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS

Owner: Walter Natskakula
Hometown: Tarentum, PA
Engine: Chevy 427 with BDS 8-71 Supercharger, dual Holley 750 cfm carburetors, ported Merlin cast iron rectangular port heads
Body Mods: Body channeled one-inch over frame, shaved drip rails, door handles, and locks, frenched taillights, cut and molded hood, stretched front inner fenders, smoothed door jambs
Paint: PPG Candy Apple Red




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