Shelby cast aluminum air cleaner
COMP Cams camshaft display at SEMA 2013
Deatschwerks high-flow GDI fuel injectors
Scat 4.6L balanced rotating assembly
Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop
Borla Rollerbarrel fuel injection system for ford coyote 5.0L
fuel pressure gauge kit for FAST efi system
hedman headers for big block-powered 1967-72 Chevy trucks
Kook's exhaust headers for 2014 Corvette
Procharger i-1 on display at SEMA 2013
Hooker headers LS swap headers for 1970-81 camaro
Airaid intake kit for a C5 Corvette
Be Cool Radiator and Fan Module
Corsa exhaust cutaway displayed at SEMA 2013
holley gen3 ultra dominator carb displayed at SEMA 2013
edelbrock e-force supercharger displayed at SEMA 2013
trick flow chevy cylinder head displayed at SEMA 2013
MSD Brainwave display at SEMA 2013
K&N Air Intake systems displayed at SEMA 2013

This Shelby cast aluminum air cleaner from Drake Automotive Group offers vintage styling.

COMP Cams introduced a new line of cams for the GM Gen V engine, including the new LT1. The company says the cams will significantly increase power and torque while maintaining drivability.

Deatschwerks' new high-flow GDI fuel injectors.

This Scat 4.6L balanced rotating assembly adds valuable displacement to 4.0L-powered Jeeps.

Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop comes with 22 individual pieces and can be adjusted to accept 90- to 115-inch wheelbases.

Borla now offers this Rollerbarrel fuel injection system for the 5.0L Coyote motor. It's designed for wide open throttle performance and delivers unimpeded airflow

This "plug and play" fuel pressure gauge kit is designed to directly interface FAST XFI or any EFI system.

Hedman Hedders offers these two-inch HTC-coated headers for big block-powered 1967-72 Chevy trucks.

As you can imagine, the 2014 Corvette was the hot ticket item for many manufacturers. Kooks now offers this long-tube headers and X-pipe combination for the C7.

The Procharger i-1 system for C6 Corvette is an intercooled programmable ratio supercharger system that can up to 200 horsepower with stock components.

Hooker Headers makes swapping an LS into a 1970-81 Camaro with its new LS swap exhaust system.

AIRAID now offers this intake kit for C5 Corvettes.

Swapping an LS into a 1967-72 Chevy/GMC truck? Be Cool offers its LS swap cooling module to make it easier. The kit includes the radiator, dual 13-inch fans, brackets, sending unit, billet recovery tank, and radiator cap.

Corsa is working hard on new exhaust systems for the 2014 Corvette. We like these exhaust tips because they're made with something called Physical Vapor Deposition. That gives the tips a unique black finish that is essentially part of the exhaust tip material--and highly durable.

The Holley Gen3 Ultra Dominator features larger radius air entries and can flow as much as 1,475 cfm of air. The carb received a new calibration optimized for today's larger engines and newest fuels.

Edelbrock's E-Force supercharger has been wildly popular and now the company is offering a version that will work on the new LT1-powered Corvette.

Trick Flow is offering two new heads for Chevy enthusiasts: fully CNC'd PowerPort 365 heads for big block Chevy (shown here) and GenX 260 Square Port heads for GM LS7. The GenX heads are made to make monstrous horsepower thanks to competition-ported 260cc intake runners.

MSD unveiled the Brainwave. This total car system allows various components from various manufacturers to work with one another. It controls everything from one wireless device with its an Apple device or MSD handheld controller. Other aftermarket companies like Vintage Air and RideTech have agreed to make products that tie directly into the Brainwave and share data with the system.

K&N's Blackhawk Induction Systems feature a black powdercoated intake tube with welded K&N engraved plate. They utilize K&N's reusable Dryflow Air Filter for excellent airflow and engine protection.

LAS VEGAS, NV. — On Tuesday, we shared the SEMA New Products Award winners.

Click through the slideshow above for 19 other products that caught our attention at SEMA, including the revolutionary MSD Brainwave.

Introduced at a press conference today, the Brainwave is a comprehensive tuning system that allows key components to work seamlessly with one another—even if they’re from different manufacturers. The system acquires data from each component via one common network. This eases installation and reduces the number of wires. You can then monitor, control, and program different performance parameters for optimal performance with one wireless device, whether its an iPad or MSD handheld controller.

Right now, the Brainwave technology is available in MSD products, such as the Atomic LS EFI and TCM, but other manufacturers are buying into the technology and have agreed to produce products that will tie into the Brainwave system. This will make installation even simpler as the components will essentially just plug into the MSD system and work together in harmony.



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