Once the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, the Indian Motorcycle company is making a comeback in 2013 impart by Polaris Industries. The 2014 line of Indian Chief Motorcycles made their debut at the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and were well received by the many motorcycle fans looking for the alternative the H-D, Victory, and Metric bikes.

So what features does Indian have to offer? Well, the Indian Chief Classic is decked out in chrome and the frame is wrapped around the Indian Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin engine. The Thunder Stroke 111 boasts over 115 ft-lbs of torque, electronic fuel injection, and a 6-speed overdrive transmission. The design of yesteryear meets technology of today to offer a smooth ride with classic and unique styling. The Indian Chief Vintage steps up the leather game with a unique leather seat and saddlebags. Finally, the Indian Chieftain is the first ever Indian motorcycle with hard saddlebags and fairing. There is even a power windshield so you can feel the breeze cruising down the back roads or be protected from the road.

So what do you think of the new Indian Motorcycle line for 2014? If one was parked in your garage, what would you do first to customize your Indian? A new set of pipes or custom saddlebags perhaps? Leave a comment below telling us your thoughts, and check out the Indian Motorcycle website for more information about the 2014 line.

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Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders