A wise man once said, “seeing is believing.”

Truth is we don’t know who came up with that saying (it could’ve been a complete idiot, for all we know), but those words really hold true for horsepower claims by aftermarket manufacturers. Perhaps that’s why the guys at Trick Flow Specialties invited us along when they recently dyno tested their latest top-end kit for GM LS3 engines. They tested the kit on Mike Stoll’s 2010 Camaro at Smokey’s Dyno & Performance in Akron, OH, and Stoll came away pretty estatic about the results.

“The Trick Flow LS3 Top End Kit exceeded my expectations,” Stoll said. “My 2010 Camaro gained 100 rear-wheel horsepower and still drives like it did when it was stock. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting more power without sacrificing how the car drives.”

Watch the video above (we added narration by Trick Flow General Manager Mike Downs) to see the actual dyno run and check out the final chart below.

Trick Flow LS3 Top-End Kit

SONY DSCThe Trick Flow LS3 Top-End Kit is built around Trick Flow’s GenX 255 Cylinder Heads for LS3. The aluminum heads feature fully CNC competition ported runners with a premium high-resolution surface finish for maximum airflow and performance potential. They utilize 255cc intake runners, 87cc exhaust runners, andn 69cc combustion chambers. Trick Flow engineers gave these heads a 12-degree valve angle to increase piston-to-valve clearance and allow for the use of larger camshafts. A set of 2.165-inch intake valves, 1.600-inch exhaust valves, dual 1.300-inch valve springs, powdered metal valve guides, and titanium retainers and locks complete the assembled heads.

SONY DSCTrick Flow chose its Track Max roller camshaft to complement the cylinder heads. The hydraulic roller cam offers  .625 inches of lift and .230/.238-degree intake/exhaust duration at .050-inch lift to create excellent top-end power with a fair idle for the street.

Other components included in the kit are:

“You can easily install the GenX top-end kit in your 2008-2013 Corvette or 2010 and up Camaro SS in your garage in a weekend and be back on the street quickly,” Mike Downs, Trick Flow General Manger, said.

Trick Flow now also offers a complete combo based on the parts used for the dyno run. The Trick Flow 2010 Camaro 460 RWHP Combo includes the LS3 Top-End Kit, Stainless Works Headers, Trick Flow TFX Air Intake Kit, and a Richmond Gear 4.11:1 Ring and Pinion Set.


Author: David Fuller

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