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Holley Terminator EFI throttle body module

The unique throttle body has built in sensors, annular discharge fuel ring, and an exclusive CFD molded air entry area that promotes high velocity and airflow.

Holley's Terminator EFI system comes complete with throttle body unit, injectors, wiring harness, ECU and hand-held programmer.

The design and air-flow of the throttle body is the same one used by current NASCAR racing teams.

All of the connections to the throttle body are pre-wired, requiring only one connection.

The Holley Terminator EFI has been dubbed by professional engine builders and enthusiast publications as the easiest and most powerful bolt-on EFI upgrade available. The technology behind the Terminator’s reliable, self-tuning system comes from its development with NASCAR® engine builders. Prior to NASCAR’s adoption of Holley’s EFI in 2012, the company’s engineers worked closely with several pro-engine builders to create a reliable and easy-to-use system that met the extremely high standards to run in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™.

The Terminator EFI uses the same throttle body components that powers every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race car, like the exclusive computer-molded air entry area that delivers the highest air speed and velocity into the throttle body. The annular discharge fuel ring at the bottom of the throttle body provides optimum fuel atomization to distribute fuel equally to all cylinders without any restriction or delay in fuel flow. In addition, all of the EFI sensors and fuel injectors are integrated into the throttle body for easy service and are pre-wired for plug-and-play operation.

Holley also made the Terminator EFI system easy to tune for any specific vehicle application. It requires no computer experience, and initial set-up is done with a small hand-held programmer. It simply requires a yes or no answer to some basic questions about the vehicle it’s being installed on. After that, the Terminator’s ECU tunes itself to the specific engine and driving conditions. This is what makes the Terminator four-barrel throttle body injection system the easiest to use when making a carburetor to EFI upgrade.

While the Terminator sounds like it’s a perfect match for the entry-level EFI swap, Holley engineers also allowed it to be compatible with a laptop computer control for experienced and professional EFI tuners. Holley offers a free online software download that allows the Terminator ECU to be updated to the Holley HP EFI specs. This allows experienced tuners to use the Terminator system for LSX, boosted, nitrous, and many other applications that can benefit from custom tuning.

The Holley Terminator system is compatible with all standard square flange intake manifolds and has connections for a variety of transmission applications including Ford, GM TH-350 and 700R4, and more. The system comes with a 950 cfm throttle body unit with 80 pounds/hour fuel injectors and a CFD computer designed air-entry area which was taken from Holley’s NASCAR throttle body. It also includes the ECU, hand-held programmer, and all of the necessary wiring and sensors. The system can support engines making 250-600 horsepower and provides proper ignition timing control on engines with a small cap style HEI. Ford TFI distributors can also be used but require an adapter.

Installation also requires upgrading the fuel system with new fuel lines, regulator, fittings, and high-pressure fuel pump. Holley has a variety of ready-made plumbing kits that include all of the above, with your choice of a Holley HP Billet or in-line fuel pumps, and Earl’s stainless Perform-O-Flex, Pro-Lite 350 or Super Stock hoses. Holley’s Terminator EFI system is also available in a matte Hard Core Gray™ or Tumbled Polished finish.

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