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If Paul Cooper was ever on the fence about building a new engine for his 1971 Maverick, he certainly wasn’t after one fateful weekend at the track a couple years ago. The Lakeview, AR resident, who races at dragstrips in Arkansas and Missouri, was piloting the Maverick when its Ford 357 engine block split and experienced total and catastrophic mechanical failure.

The decision was made.

It was time for a new engine, and Cooper opted to go a different direction.

Born from the ashes of the destroyed Ford 357 mill, this 408-cubic-inch powerplant is built on a World Products Ford Windsor-based Man O’ War engine block. Featuring a variety of off-the-shelf goodies, including a SCAT rotating assembly, COMP Cams camshaft, and Edelbrock Victor Jr. cylinder heads, the engine was built using parts readily available from speed shops like Summit Racing.

The new World Products mill has been tuned to burn E85 fuel and has propelled Cooper and his ’71 Maverick to a best 1/8-mile ET of 6.21 seconds at 110 miles-per-hour–nearly a 9.90 pass in the quarter-mile. The 408’s power is delivered to the rear wheels via a Ford 9-inch rear-end with 4.86 gears. The Maverick is hooked to the track using a ladder bar rear suspension and a Mustang II front suspension with tubular A-arms.

Looking to hook your own race car to the track? Here is some of Paul’s recipe:

Engine Specs

Engine Block: World Products Man O’ War (based on Ford 351W)

Rotating AssemblySCAT crankshaft (4.030-inch bore, 4-inch stroke), SCAT 6.2-inch H-beam connecting rods, SRP pistons

Cylinder Heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.

Cam and Valvetrain: COMP Cams camshaft (reground by Predator cams) with 307-degree intake/307-degree exhaust duration and .654-inch intake/.666-inch exhaust lift, Howards Cams polished valve springs, COMP Cams rocker arms, Harland Sharp stud girdles, Cloyes timing chain set

InductionEdelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold and Holley 750HP carburetor (recalibrated for E-85 fuel)

Ignition and ElectricalMSD 6AL ignition, MSD MDS Blaster ignition coil, MSD billet distributor, and Taylor ignition wires

HeadersHooker Super Competition headers

Transmission: GM Powerglide

Author: David Fuller

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