Got questions? 

We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’ll show you some tricks for getting better gas mileage this holiday season–and all year through! Although these upgrades are mentioned specifically for a recreational vehicle, they’ll also make a difference in your every day vehicle, too.

K.G. • Groton, CT
Q: In my younger days, I was always looking for racing parts. Now that I’m older, I need some reliable parts for my new project—a 1988 GMC 25-foot American Class C RV. I plan on driving it all over the United States so I need to stretch every gallon of gas as far as I can. What affordable upgrades should I make that will increase my mileage? I’m looking forward to your response so I can hit the highways!

A: Start making mileage count by upgrading to synthetic oil in your engine and rear-end. Most synthetic formulas will also provide superior component protection and last longer than conventional blends. For more noticeable fuel economy gains, upgrade to a high-flow air filter, intake manifold, and headers. The unrestricted airflow will help ease the pain at the pump. A quality transmission cooler can also add mileage due to the maximized heat dissipation. These DIY upgrades can be made all at once or little by little as your budget allows, and any combination will result in more miles between fill-ups!