From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Just in time for the holiday shopping, check out these brand new items:

Summit Racing Equipment Low VOC Single-Stage Paint System

Designed for the DIY painter, Summit Racing’s new Low VOC Single Stage Paint System makes it easy to get an affordable, professional-looking paint job while complying with stringent VOC emissions standards.

The Lowdown: Choose from 40 colors that comply with the law. This easy-to-apply paint combines the color basecoat and durable clearcoat into a single application for quick coverage. These American-made paints deliver a rich, brilliant finish and are available in 40 vibrant colors. The flash time between coats is just minutes and they dry in less than an hour. By eliminating many of the complicated application steps, Summit Racing is able to reduce the overall cost of your refinishing project.

The Summit Racing Low VOC Single Stage Paint System also includes a full line of primers, sealers, reducers, hardeners, cleaners, and specialty additives formulated to provide professional-grade results at home. Nearly all of these products are interchangeable between Summit Racing’s Single Stage and 2-Stage paint systems, making it easy to get the exact products needed for to do a high-quality paint job.

Other Valuable Info: If you don’t have to worry about complying with low VOC regulations and like that “hot rod flat” finish, Summit Racing offers a selection of single stage flat topcoats in your choice of 12 colors. They are fully compatible with the primers, sealers, and other chemistry made for the Summit Racing Low VOC Paint System. UPDATE: Summit Racing now offers 2.8 VOC Hot Rod Flat Acrylic Urethane Paint as well!

Disc Brakes Australia Rotors for Camaro

Incredible stopping power for 2010-13 Camaros.

The Lowdown: Stopping power from one of the leading makers of performance and racing brake rotors. Since the late model Camaro is based on a platform developed by Holden, GM’s Australian arm—and Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is an OE supplier—it stands to reason that DBA’s brake rotors not only fit like OE, but will greatly enhance your Camaro’s stopping ability.

Two Styles: DBA’s most advanced rotors, ClubSpec 4000 T3 Rotors are perfect for serious street and weekend track use. The 13.976 inch diameter rotors are made from an exclusive high-carbon alloy iron and TSP process that increases thermal capacity. That means the rotors can withstand extreme heat without warping or cracking.

DBA’s patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation increases available surface area, which provides awesome heat dissipation and dramatically reduces fade. The rotors have 48 curved slots that help dampen vibration for quiet, responsive braking and better pedal feel. DBA even added heat paint marks around the outside edge of the rotor that change color at specific temperatures, allowing you to monitor peak braking temperatures.

Ideal for street performance and daily driver use, HD Series 4000X Rotors have many of the ClubSpec 4000’s features, including the high-carbon alloy iron material, patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation, and heat paint marks that change color to help monitor peak braking temperatures. The 4000X rotors have a cross-drilled and slotted non-directional design that eliminates the need for specific left and right discs and provides a consistent, strong brake feel.

Airaid MXP Series Cold Air Intakes for Camaro ZL1

Feed that snarling, hungry supercharged Camaro all the air it wants.

The Lowdown: Nineteen percent more airflow means up to 30 extra horsepower. If you think your ZL1’s 580 horsepower is not quite enough, an Airaid MXP cold air intake can help you get over the 600 horsepower mark (with an aftermarket tune). The intakes feature a massive 4.25-inch diameter induction tube with a billet aluminum MAF housing, a 1,400 cfm filter element (your choice of Synthaflow oiled element or a Synthamax dry element), and a large one-piece, roto-molded air box that utilizes the OEM scoop.

Rugged Liner Folding Tonneau Covers

Durable, affordable cargo protection for late model pickups that can also help improve fuel mileage.
The Lowdown: Cargo protection from basic to hardshell, Rugged Liner offers three types of folding tonneaus. They all come completely assembled and have an OEM-style tailgate lock and a built in light.

The E-Series Folding Covers feature a double-stitched 2-ply vinyl tonneau and a clamp-on aluminum frame. They can be installed or removed in less than three minutes. The Premium Folding Tonneau Covers feature a quadruple-stitched, 3-ply vinyl tonneau and a clamp-on aluminum frame. The covers also have a safety strap so you can drive with the cover folded up.

The Hard Folding Tonneau Covers feature top and bottom aluminum panels with a durable vinyl cover for ultimate protection and durability. They have a clamp-on aluminum frame and double-hinged seals to keep out the elements.

Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.