Summit Racing teammates Greg Anderson and Jason Line returned to Indianapolis for the resumption of the rain-delayed Mac Tools U.S. Nationals armed with the information of two days of testing in Charlotte, NC. which They hoped this info would prove useful as conditions in the Hoosier State were completely unlike what they were a week ago, with both the temperatures and humidity significantly lower, offering the potential for quicker times and faster speeds.

In Saturday afternoon’s opening session, Anderson quickly showed the testing was time well-spent, with his Camaro posting the quickest time of the round at 6.556-seconds with a top speed of 210.83 mile-per-hour. The run would eventually earn the defending U.S. Nationals champion the third starting position and an opening-round encounter against veteran Larry Morgan.

Knowing Morgan, who was fighting for a position in the championship playoff, would be anxious to gain the round win, Anderson left the line with a near-perfect .007 reaction time. However, before he even shifted into third gear, smoke started to billow from under his race car, forcing him to shut off early and allowing Morgan, who tripped the finish timers in 6.652-seconds with a top speed of 207.56 miles-per-hour to advance to the next round.

“We had a freak occurrence in the engine compartment that luckily looked much worse than it was,” Anderson said. “Although the engine was not severely damaged, the end result was that we lost the round, which is extremely disappointing. We know we still have work to do with these Summit Racing Camaros, but we honestly thought we would have a chance to contend for the win today.

“But we just have to put this one behind us, because the playoffs start next weekend and if we want to bring the championship back home, we need to get our act together. The bottom line is that we only have a few days and a lot of work to do, so that is why we are going to pack up and head back to North Carolina, so we can be at the shop first thing in the morning to get started.”

It was a similar situation for Jason Line. Much like his teammate, Line came out on Saturday afternoon and recorded a solid 6.569-second elapsed time with a top speed of 210.83 miles-per-hour, a performance that would earn him the fifth starting position.

Facing long-time competitor V. Gaines in the opening stanza on Sunday, Line posted the fourth-quickest time of the round at 6.586-seconds with a top speed of 210.73 miles-per-hour. Unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome his opponent’s starting line advantage and 6.574-second, 209.52-mile-per-hour run.

“That was one of those runs that you just want to put behind you,” Line said. “The driver didn’t do his job and we missed on the set-up, so as a result we didn’t make what I would consider a very good run. We needed to be error-free, and we weren’t, and as a result our day was over early.

“But the good news is that we are making progress with our Summit Racing Camaros, which could not come at a better time with the Countdown starting next week. Even so, we still have a lot of work to do to get where we want to be, so we’ll head back to the shop and do whatever is necessary to make this program even better.”


NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Championship Points Standings

1.  Allen Johnson                2,110*

2.  Jason Line                      2,080*

3.  Greg Anderson              2,070*

4.  Erica Enders                    2,060*

5.  Vincent Nobile               2,050*
*Scores reflect readjustment for Countdown to One Championship Playoff

Team Summit Driver Results

Greg Anderson qualified 3rd (6.556/211.06) lost to Larry Morgan in the first round. He is now 3rd in points.

Jason Line qualified 5th (6.569/210.83) lost to V. Gaines in the first round. He is now 2nd in points.

Ronnie Humphrey The Genuine Hotrod Hardware driver did not qualify (6.625/209.04). He is now 12th in the points standings.

Larry Morgan qualified 14th (6.621/208.10) beat Greg Anderson in the first round but lost to Vincent Nobile in the second round. He is now 9th in points.

Warren Johnson qualified 10th (6.603/209.07) lost to Ron Krisher in the first round.  He is now 15th in points.

Kurt Johnson qualified 16th (6.622/208.14) lost to Erica Enders in the first round. Kurt is 14th in points.

FINAL ROUND RESULTS:  Dave Connolly defeated Erica Enders, 6.589/210.05 to 6.580/210.31.


FINAL ROUND RESULTS:  Tony Schumacher defeated Spencer Massey, 3.806/315.34 to 3.828/319.37.


Tim Wilkerson – qualified 4th (4.060/306.60) beat Bob Tasca III in the first round, beat Jeff Arend in the second rd., and beat Johnny Gray in the semi-finals, but lost to Mike Neff in the final. Tim is now 10th in the points standings.

FINAL ROUND RESULTS:  Mike Neff defeated Tim Wilkerson, 4.079/311.05 to 4.152/286.13.



Kenny Lang – did not qualify (12.384/95.20)

FINAL ROUND RESULTS:  Brad Brand defeated Mike Castellana (5.914/251.63 to 12.763/83.97).