Like the Mk4 you see above?

You can duplicate it using the Factory Five components covered in our Mk4, Part 1 post, along with the parts listed below from Summit Racing.

Summit Racing has even taken the time and hassle out of ordering the parts by creating special combos just for the build. That means you’ll spend less time tracking down parts and more time doing car guy stuff you actually enjoy—like wrenching on your Mk4.

Here’s what Summit Racing used on its own Factory Five Mk4 project:

Short Block

  • Engine: Ford Racing 427 short block (FMS-M-6009-427F)
  • Camshaft: Trick Flow Track Max (TFS-51403001)
  • Roller Lifters: Trick Flow OEM Style (TFS-21400004)
  • Roller Lifter Install Kit: Ford Racing (FMS-M-6253-A50)
  • Timing Chain: Trick Flow Billet  (TFS-51478520)
  • Timing Chain Cover: Edlebrock (EDL-4250)
  • Harmonic Balancer: Trick Flow with removable counterweight (TFS-19006)
  • Gasket Set: Trick Flow (TFS-51400914)
  • Head Gaskets: Ford Racing (FMS-M-6051-CP331)
  • Engine Accessory Bolt Kit: ARP (ARP-554-9501)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Short Block Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC01


Oil System

  • Oil Pump: Melling High Volume (MEL-M83HV)
  • Oil Pan: Milodon 7QT (MIL-31630)
  • Oil Pickup: Milodon for 7QT pan (MIL-18505)
  • Oil Pump Drive: ARP (ARP-154-7901)
  • Oil Pump Bolts: ARP (ARP-150-6902)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Oil System Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC02


Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain

  • Cylinder Heads: Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 185 (TFS-51400004-C01)
  • Roller Rockers: Trick Flow 1.6 ratio (51400510)
  • Pushrods: Trick Flow Chromoly  (TFS-21408050)
  • Head Bolts: ARP-154-3603
  • Valve Covers: Trick Flow tall cast aluminum part (TFS-51400802)
  • Valve Cover Breather: Summit Racing (SUM-G3417)
  • Valve Cover Bolts Kit: ARP (PART NUMBER TO COME)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Cylinder Head and Valvetrain Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC03


Induction and Fuel System

  • Carburetor: Holley 770 Street Avenger/Fuel Line Pro Pack (CMB-03-0242)
  • Intake: Summit Racing Stage 2 (SUM-226036)
  • Fuel Pump: Aeromotive Electric  (AEI-17246)
  • Fuel Filter: Summit Racing (SUM-230118)
  • Air Cleaner: Summit Racing (SUM-G285)
  • Throttle Cable Bracket: Lokar (LOK-SRK-4000)
  • Pipe Plug Kit: Summit Racing (SUM-G1484N, 2 required)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Induction and Fuel System Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC04



  • Ignition: MSD Digital-6 Plus (MSD-6520)
  • Distributor: MSD Pro Billet (MSD-85840)
  • Coil: MSD Blaster (MSD-8207)
  • Ignition Wires: MSD (MSD-31189)
  • Spark Plugs: NGK, 8 total (NGK-7373)
  • Distributor Hold Down Clamp: Ford Racing (FMS-M-12270-A302)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Ignition System Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC05



  • Starter: Powermaster (PWM-9603)
  • Alternator: Powermaster (PWM-8-37100)
  • Pulley Kit: March Performance (MCH-2060-206)
  • Crank Pulley Spacer: March Performance (MCH-1433)
  • Alternator Bracket: March Billet Black (MCH-30395)
  • Dipstick: Summit Racing (SUM-G3867)
  • Water Pump: Edelbrock Polished Aluminum (EDL-8848)
  • Oil Filler Kit: Trick Flow (TFS-51400800)
  • Wire Loom Kit: R&M (RNM-1105C)
  • Water Neck: Billet Specialties (BSP-90620)
  • Timing Pointer: Ford Racing (FMS-M-6023-B351)
  • Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate: Summit Racing (SUM-402035)
  • Battery: Optima (ULT-9004-003)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Accessory Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC06



  • Transmission: Tremec TKO short ratio (FMS-M-7003-R58C)
  • Clutch Kit: Ram (RAM-98794HDT)
  • Flywheel: Ram (RAM-1529)
  • Bellhousing: Quick Time (QTI-RM6060)
  • Clutch Fork: Summit Racing (SUM-700105)
  • Flywheel Bolts: ARP (ARP-100-2801)
  • Pressure Plate Bolts: ARP (ARP-150-2201)
  • Pilot Bushing: Ford Racing (FMS-M-7600-A)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Transmission Combos: SUM-CSUMFFC07


Fluids and Filters

  • Break-in Oil: Lucas 20W50, 6 qts. (LUC-10635-1)
  • Engine Oil: Royal Purple 20W/50 Synthetic, 6 qts. (RPO-31250)
  • Cam Assembly Lube: COMP Cams (CCA-153)
  • Oil Filter: K&N (KNN-HP-3001, two used)
  • Rear Axle Gear Oil: Lucas, 2 qts. (LUC-10043-1)
  • Synchromesh Fluid: GM Performance (NAL-12345349)

Summit Racing Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Fluid and Filter Combo: SUM-CSUMFFC08

Look for more photos and posts about the Summit Racing/Factory Five Mk4 Roadster, including in-depth stories on the build itself, at OnAllCylinders in the near future.


Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.