Those used to spotting the GM Performance name might have noticed a recent change.

Last November, General Motors announced at SEMA it had launched Chevrolet Performance—an entity that will now represent GM in performance vehicles, parts, and racing.

While this means little to consumers, it could be the first step toward a more brand-specific push in GM’s automotive stable.

“We’re starting with Chevrolet Performance, but you may also see a Cadillac variant in the not-so-distant future. And, yes, there’s a chance for a Buick Performance brand in our future as well,” said Jamie Meyer, Chevrolet Performance’s marketing manager. “The reason for this change in branding is to better support our vehicle-specific parts strategy.”

Summit Racing customers will soon notice the GM Performance products they were used to shopping for online will be called Chevy Performance. But don’t worry—you’ll still find the same parts on Summit Racing’s website if you keyword search for “GM Performance.”

The crate engines and engine components customers are accustomed to shopping for under the GM Performance label will continue to be produced under the Chevy Performance name—from the always-popular 350 C.I.D., 290-horsepower engine assembly, to the face-rocking LSX 454.

Chevy Performance will offer a line of performance and OE parts more directly associated with Chevrolet vehicles. The previous GM Performance line included a few parts for since discontinued makes—Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Hummer and Saturn—but “the vast majority of content in what was known as the GM Performance Parts catalog was Chevrolet specific,” Meyer said.

“Some of the more recent Pontiacs (GTOs and G8s) had LS engines, which was always a global powertrain solution. So, most folks don’t think of an LS1, LS2, or LS3 as being ‘Pontiac,’ but more as GM,” Meyer said. “The vehicle-specific products—parts that would be considered accessories and not performance parts—will not be supported. Once that inventory is gone, it’s gone.”

And if GM pulls through on Cadillac– and Buick-specific performance lines, you can rest assured that Summit Racing should carry those parts as well.