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Happy 59th Birthday, Chevy Corvette!

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The polio vaccine was released.

TV Guide began publication.

RCA started selling color televisions.

And Chevrolet started producing the Corvette—America’s first sports car.

For those of us not around in 1953, it’s hard to imagine a time in which the vast majority of Americans showed virtually no interest in a performance automobile. But that’s the way it was. Families were growing, and two-seaters didn’t make much sense in an era where there was typically just one family car per household.

It took a few years and some competition success, but by 1956 the Corvette started to get noticed for what it was—a true high-performance car right off the production line. And most importantly, it was ours.

Dollar for dollar, what car has given more to performance enthusiasts than the 59-year-old Corvette?

That was rhetorical, Ford and Mopar Guy.

Happy birthday, Corvette.

I’m going to have one of you someday. Maybe even two. Until then, keep on keepin’ on.





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