When customers talk, the guys at Aeromotive listen.

Aeromotive F-Body Stealth Fuel Tanks for 1967-69 Camaro are the latest proof of that. The new fuel tanks, soon to make their debut on the market at Summit Racing, are designed to solve a common problem encountered by first generation Camaro owners.

“If you’ve ever tried to put an EFI in a car, you know you can change everything—fuel pump, regulator, and on and on—and there’s still a weak link: the fuel tank,” said Jesse Powell, Director of Marketing at Aeromotive. “We’ve known this, but at different shows recently, we’d been hearing the question more and more: ‘What do I do with the tank?”

Aeromotive’s response: Aeromotive F-Body Stealth Fuel Tanks for 1967-69 Camaro.

“Up until now, you’d have to spend $1,100 or more on a custom tank,” Powell said. “Or you could modify your existing tank, but you’d wind up spending $500 just on welding. Most guys don’t want to do that, so we came up with a reasonably priced solution in the form of our Stealth tanks.”

In the Tank
According to Powell, the stock fuel tank remains a weak link in EFI conversions, because there’s no baffling and the pickup is too small to handle the increased fuel demands. Aeromotive’s Stealth Fuel Tanks feature a couple of important upgrades to accommodate EFI applications, including popular LS engine swaps.

A cutaway of Aeromotive’s Stealth Fuel Cells shows a similar internal fuel tray, which keeps the pump submerged with fuel.

The powdercoated steel tanks feature an internal fuel tray, which houses the fuel pump and return line. This baffling system keeps the fuel pump submerged  in fuel at all times—even at low fuel levels and in the most extreme driving conditions! It also prevents fuel starvation, fosters consistent fuel flow and supply to the engine, and eliminates hot fuel handling issues.

Go with More Flow
These new innovative fuel tanks house an Aeromotive 340 Stealth electric fuel pump. Delivering an impressive 340 lph of fuel flow at 40 psi (maximum pressure: 100 psi), the Stealth pump is whisper quiet and the perfect choice for seriously modified applications, including forced induction EFI motors.

Featuring a compact, lightweight design, the pump utilizes a turbine mechanism that can be used in pulse-modulated applications and can support supercharged EFI motors to 700 horsepower and carbureted engines up to 1,000 horsepower.

All in One Solution
The silver powder coated steel tank comes assembled with the 340 Stealth fuel pump mounted to a billet aluminum fuel pump hanger assembly. Plus, it includes a pump pre-filter, 0-90 ohm GM sending unit, internal return line tubing, and three AN-06 ports for the feed line, return line, and vent.

A closer look at the hanger assembly.

“What’s neat about this system is that it’s assembled here at Aeromotive and tested for flow at pressure right here as well,” Powell said. “You can just strap it into place, hook it up, and you’re ready to rock.”

The Stealth Tanks are not only reasonably priced—starting at just $739.95—they’ll also save you a lot of hassle, too.

“There are alternatives out there,” Powell said. “But you don’t get the ease-of-installation, you don’t get the warranty, and you don’t get everything covered by one central customer service.”


Parts List:
AEI-18657: Aeromotive 1967-68 F-Body Stealth Fuel Tanks
AEI-18658: Aeromotive 1969 F-Body Stealth Fuel Tanks

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