You forgot again, didn’t you?

Even after we tried to help you remember with our Mother’s Day Tune-Up post last week, you forgot about Mother’s Day this weekend.

No worries, because we’ve put together a list of 10 car-oriented ways you can still surprise mom on Mother’s Day. Whether you prefer to spend money on a last-minute “ribbon and bow” gift, spend effort and energy on a special Mother’s Day project, or just want to spend time with dear ol’ mom, you’ll find an idea she’s sure to love.

Share your automotive passion with mom in one of these ways:


Detail Her Car
You’re meticulous about your vehicle. Put your attention to detail to work for mom by detailing her car—or at the very least, providing her with quality detailing items. It’s mom’s special day so use the good stuff—Mothers, Meguiar’s, etc. And if you’re simply providing the materials, pass along our detailing tips post from a while back and take the credit for it.

We don’t mind.


Mother’s Day Maintenance
Aside from a bouquet of flowers, we can’t think anything more appropriate for Mother’s Day than a well-timed oil change. Seriously, there’s a reason mom always liked you best—because you always look out for her safety and well being. Remind her how much you care by inspecting and changing her brakes, swapping out worn wiper blades, rotating her tires, and performing other important maintenance on her car.


Catch a Show (or Race)
Did you inherit your love of hot rodding from mom? Is there horsepower in your family blood? If so, then spend quality time with mom at a car show or race. Maybe skip the fried cheese and elephant ears, though. (We want to keep mom around for years to come.)




Hot Rod Her House
Add a touch of hot rod nostalgia to your mother’s house with auto-themed décor. From vibrant automotive lithographs to race-themed office furniture, wrenchware tableware, nostalgic phones and clocks, and more—you can find car-related items for every room of the house. Help your mother remember the good old days!



Own the Road
If you’ve got a classic car, you owe it to your mother to take her on a good old fashioned Sunday cruise. Turn the radio off, roll the windows down (put the top down if you have a convertible), and get caught up with mom. Feel free to mix in a drive-in restaurant or ice cream stand, too.




Buy Her Some Horses
Is mom the one that taught you the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you’d want done to you.”

Follow her advice and give her the gift of horsepower! You can trick out her ride in an afternoon with any number of bolt-ons and plug-ins, including air intake kits, throttle bodies and spacers, computer chips or programmers, and more.


The Gift of Luxury 
Maybe your mother is more into luxury than high performance. Upgrade her sound system, add a remote start system, or replace her worn and dirty floor mats. If she rolls in a truck, choose from any number of interior and exterior accessories, including nerf bars, consoles, tonneau covers, and more.




Simpson Bandit Series HelmetTake the Road Less Travelled
What’s cooler than a mom on a dirt bike or quad? Encourage your mom’s love for off-road adventure with powersports accessories like helmets, grips, and riding gear. If you play your cards right, maybe you’ll get some quality family bonding time on the trails.




Hop Up Her Wardrobe
Nothing looks better with Mom Jeans than hot rod T-shirts or sweatshirts. Actually, they go with pretty much anything. You can’t go wrong with a vintage speed shop shirt, muscle car T-shirt, or other car-themed apparel—available in ladies sizes and fitted designs.





Be a Good Sport
Is your mom or wife the “soccer mom” type? You can find perfect gifts that are almost as cool as that rad soccer ball bumper sticker on her minivan. Hook her up with some high-quality folding chairs, folding canopies, coolers–even fold up wagons to haul her orange slices and foamy fingers to the next sporting event.

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Author: David Fuller

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