Hot Rod’s Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger wrapped up yet another adventure in with a successful finish to their ’69 El Camino engine swap in the parking lot of Summit Racing Equipment’s Retail Store in Sparks.

A recap for those of you just joining us–our heroes drove a 1969 El Camino from L.A. to the Summit Racing store in Nevada to swap the tired 350 two-barrel small block for a BluePrint Engines 383 stroker motor. Mike and David are doing all of the work themselves on a car that has had a questionable life at best.

The first day of the swap involved wrenching out the old engine, getting snowed on, dropping the new engine in, and getting snowed on some more. The boys finished up the swap on Friday April 6 and motored home to the City of Angels in time to unwrap their Easter baskets on Sunday.

You can see all of Mike and David’s shenanigans on Hot Rod’s Facebook page. Everyone will be able to watch the entire saga on the latest installment of Hot Rod’s “Roadkill” video series on YouTube.