Dakota Digital makes LED taillights for many of the most popular hot rods and muscle cars. We'll show you just a few of them, including these lights for the venerable 1955 Chevy. Summit Racing carries many more than we'll show here.

Impala fans can take advantage of the LEDs for their 1962 Impala.

We've got LEDs for some of the most quintessential muscle cars, like the 1967 Camaro RS...

...and the 1969 Mustang.

Own a classic pickup? Dakota Digital hasn't forgotten about you. This set fits a 1940-53 Chevy Stepside.

Summit Racing carries Dakota Digital LEDs for later model classics, such as the 1973-87 Chevy fleetside, as well.

Depending on who you ask, automotive fuel injection was either the greatest invention since the internal combustion engine—or the seventh sign of the Apocalypse along with locusts, the plague, and the automatic transmission. Although enthusiasts continue to debate technology’s place in high performance, we think we’ve found the one new-fangled gadget that most car enthusiasts can appreciate: Dakota Digital LED Taillights.

These groundbreaking LED taillights maintain the classic look of original taillights by using the stock taillight lens and housing. They simply plug into the stock wiring harness in place of the traditional bulb and provide all the cutting-edge benefits of modern LED lighting.

LED lights offer many advantages over traditional bulbs, including greater safety. They produce more light per watt than older-style bulbs, and each Dakota Digital LED system is designed to take maximum advantage of the optics of the stock taillight lens for increased visibility. LED bulbs also achieve full brightness in microseconds, so they’ll give quicker braking notice to other motorists. Unlike conventional bulbs, which completely burn out at once, LEDs gradually fade as they age, so you have a chance to replace your lights before they cause a safety hazard.

Another major benefit of using LEDs is long-term cost savings. Typical halogen lights last 2,000 to 4,000 hours, but LED lights last tens of thousands of hours, saving you money on replacement bulbs. Plus, LEDs are much more durable than conventional bulbs, because there’s no glass or filament to break. They’re encased in nearly unbreakable resin, so they’re great for rugged or high-vibration environments.

The debate on power steering, disc brakes, and fuel injection may continue among old school rodders, but there is no debating the benefits of Dakota Digital LED Lights. They deliver improved visibility, quicker response, and increased long term cost savings without sacrificing the vintage look of your hot rod. That makes them ideal for your street rod, muscle car, or classic truck—no matter which side of the technology fence you’re on.

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Author: David Fuller

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