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Cooling / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Picking the Best Antifreeze for an Older Vehicle

I have a ’90 Chevy pickup that is rarely driven but has been stored in my heated garage for several years. I have a new project that will force this […]

Engine & Exhaust / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Should I Start My Vehicle’s Engine Periodically During Winter Storage?

Now that the cold weather is here, I’ve always been told that starting the engine in my stored car, truck, or SUV periodically, like once a month, and letting it […]

Videos & Galleries

Video: Can Batteries Freeze? How Temperature Affects Your Vehicle Battery & Other Winter Storage Tips

The battery in your car, truck, or SUV was probably pretty expensive. Same deal with the battery in your motorcycle, lawnmower, boat, or whatever else you’ve got stuffed in your […]

Buyer's Guides / Parts

Buyer’s Guide: A Basic Guide to Choosing a Car/Truck Cover

A good car or truck cover is essential for winter storage. For many of us, though, the need for good vehicle covers extends beyond the winter months. We’re looking to […]

Buyer's Guides / Parts

Buyer’s Guide: 8 Must-Have Winter Vehicle Storage Products

As we inch closer to turning the page on another calendar year, conspicuous signs of seasonality (for those of us living in such places) abound, reminding us that we don’t […]

Buyer's Guides / How Tos / Tech

Video: Top 10 Winter Storage Tips for Vehicles

Old Man Winter is a crusty old coot. He’s cold, miserable, and he hates your hot rod worse than loud rock ‘n roll music and new-fangled cellular devices. In fact, […]

How Tos / Tech

How to Properly Store Your Vehicle

Hibernation isn’t just for bears anymore. Every winter, Mustangs, Barracudas, Road Runners, and more go into hibernation as classic car owners put their vehicles into storage. Winter vehicle storage is […]