You don’t have to have a chemistry degree to keep your battery happy while it hibernates for the winter. Just follow some basic tips from this video. (Image/Odyssey Battery via Facebook)

The battery in your car, truck, or SUV was probably pretty expensive. Same deal with the battery in your motorcycle, lawnmower, boat, or whatever else you’ve got stuffed in your garage.

So it makes sense that you want your vehicle battery to last as long as possible. And while batteries tend to stay relatively happy when they’re being used regularly, when a vehicle goes into seasonal or long-term storage, it could play havoc with battery health. And the battery storage environment can be a big reason why.

So our ears perked up when we spotted this video from Odyssey Battery.

While the video looks like it’s intended for Odyssey battery dealers who have to keep shelves stocked with happy, healthy batteries—it’s nonetheless packed with some handy battery tech for your home fleet.

You’ll learn some valuable vehicle battery storage tips, like:

  • What ambient temperature and humidity is ideal?
  • Should it be fully charged prior to storage?
  • How much should a battery discharge in storage?

Odyssey also has a nice blog post with other vital winter storage tips just for AGM batteries. Check it out here.

The video is less than ten minutes long and could save you some money in replacement battery costs. Check it out: