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Video: What are Hub Centric Rings? And Why Would You Need Them?

If you’re fitting aftermarket wheels, or basically any wheels other that the ones that originally came stock with your vehicle, there’s a good chance you may need hub centric rings. […]

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Buyer’s Guide: Our 10 Favorite Cragar SS Wheels

Cragar SS wheels are classics. They’ve been around as long as the American muscle car itself, and the forward-thinking designers at Cragar have continued to roll out new flavors of […]

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How to Measure Wheel Bolt Pattern and Backspacing

Aftermarket wheels are easily among the most popular vehicle upgrades. Available in a seemingly endless amount of designs, finishes, and sizes, wheels can change the entire look of a car […]

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Roller Math: How to Fit Plus-Size Wheels and Tires on Your Vehicle

Living large is the American way, and that even goes for the wheels and tires on our hot rodded cars and trucks. There was a time not long ago when a […]

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Wheel Offsets 101: The Basics of Wheel Offsets

Should you go with the powdercoated or chrome-plated wheels? How about a sporty five-spoke wheel…or maybe the classic smoothie look? Yes, style and finish are important considerations when choosing a […]