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RPM Act Reintroduced in U.S. House & Senate—Here’s How to Help Get it Passed & Save Our Racecars!

Good news: After receiving more than 1.5 million letters from enthusiasts like you, the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (RPM Act) has been reintroduced in both the U.S. House […]

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Support Our Racetracks! Tell Congress to Make Your Local Track Eligible for Pandemic Relief Grants—Here’s How:

Congress recently created the $15B Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) program to provide financial relief to live entertainment and performing arts venues—like theatres, concert halls, zoos, and museums. The program […]

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NHTSA Officially Permits the Sale of Turn-Key Replica Cars from Low-Volume Auto Manufacturers

Way back in 2015, Congress passed legislation that allowed low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to start selling “replica” cars based on vehicles that were at least 25 years old—for example, a […]

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Sign the Letter: Tell Congress to Pass the RPM Act & Save Our Racecars!

What’s the RPM Act? Simply put, the RPM Act is proposed legislation that would ensure it stays legal to convert street vehicles into dedicated racecars. In 2015, the U.S. Environmental […]

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Massachusetts Votes to Expand “Right to Repair” Law

In what’s being called a win for home mechanics and independent shops, voters in Massachusetts approved a ballot initiative expanding the existing “Right to Repair” law originally adopted in 2012. […]

SEMA Take Action against EPA
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Save Motorsports: Show Your Support for RPM Act 2019 to Protect Hobby

We are once again being asked to support legislation in Congress that would protect our right to convert street cars into racecars—a practice that would be banned under the Clean […]

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Demand Access to and Control of Your Vehicle’s Data! Sign the Petition!

If you own a modern vehicle, chances are it’s trying to tell you something. Trouble is, you’re not allowed to listen–at least not right now. Today’s vehicles gather a lot […]

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Racing Community Pushes $50 Million Proposal to Save the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats—one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, and an iconic bucket-list travel destination for automotive enthusiasts everywhere—is in dire straits. Over time, the hard crust that forms […]

California Route 99 Sign
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California Dreamin’: Is the Golden State on the Verge of Getting its Own Autobahn?

After years of leading the push toward strict environmental regulatory action and the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles, California’s ongoing mission to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions may actually […]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Plant
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U.S. Commerce Dept.’s Auto Tariff Recommendations Remain a Secret

One of the most pivotal issues looming over the U.S. automotive industry took a step forward Sunday when the U.S. Department of Commerce submitted findings to President Donald Trump from […]