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Sign the Letter: Tell Congress to Pass the RPM Act & Save Our Racecars!

What’s the RPM Act?

Simply put, the RPM Act is proposed legislation that would ensure it stays legal to convert street vehicles into dedicated racecars.

In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled that converting a vehicle designed for street use into a dedicated racecar went against the Clean Air Act. Left unchecked, that ruling would have massive impacts on the motorsports community and industry.

The RPM Act was created in response to that ruling.

If you want to preserve motorsports as we know it, CLICK HERE to voice your support of the RPM Act to Congress.

You can read more about the RPM Act here.



  1. Amanda Bregger says:

    Save our race cars!

    • Brandon Myers says:

      Save the race cars. I love wrxs and fox bodys.

    • Kyle Cialella says:

      Class action suit against environmental protection agency. Every single agent should loose their job and home 25 year min sentence. They clearly haven’t done anything but make things worse and steal from the people and working class the real back bone of this country. They are nothing more than a parasite that is clearly unwanted and unwarranted. The constitution does not protect fraud and theft. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!

    • I didn’t realize we live in Communist China?

  2. This will Kill off generations of car people. Destroy a part of the economy.
    Ruin easy ways for parent-kid bonding time.
    Anyone against building fast cars or racing shouldn’t be in charge of anything but wiping their own ass.

    • Paul Alvarez says:

      Control energy, control the people. Control health, control the people. Control first and second amendment, control the people. Control business and wages, control the people. Control the media, control the people. Control your ability to go outside, control the people. It’s 100% political and it all started ramping up about 2 months ago. If you want to be controlled, utopia is a flight away… bye!

  3. Motor sports have existed since the inception motor vehicle industry. The number of motor vehicles that are converted to be used only for the purpose of racing and the time used racing is a minuscule amount compared with non racing motor vehicles and will not have a measurable affect on clean air.

  4. Do not pass the RPM act !!!!!

  5. Car Detailing Plano says:

    We love racing, and we must pass the RPM Act! If we want to continue racing for years to come, then the RPM Act needs to be passed.

  6. Carson Holmes says:

    I’m not old enough for something like this to happen, I haven’t even got to experience my dream of having a personalized car.

  7. David Chaidez says:

    It’s out right to modify Anytging we own

  8. David Chaidez says:

    Saves the race cars

  9. Save the cars

  10. Save the cars

  11. Sebastian Tulsyv says:

    Save the racecars

  12. Chavez Alvarado says:

    It’s are cars if it don’t hurt no one it should stay

  13. Save the racecars

  14. Ivan Zapata says:

    Save the race cars and our hobby

  15. Save the racecars

  16. Drake Rueckemann says:

    Save the race cars

  17. Braden Thompson says:

    Real enthusiasts have always dreamed of doing mods to their car or truck

  18. Antonio diana says:

    Save the v8’s

  19. Save the dam cars

  20. HOPE Graham says:

    Please save this family hobby and sport.

  21. Leave the hobby alone as well as all the jobs that it currently creates that puts food on our tables.
    Ask a pipeline worker!!

  22. Kelson Simon says:

    I am 18 years old and I might love cars more than life itself. I don’t have the money to poor into cars right now but if I could I’d have 100 car garage. I’ve waited my entire life to obtain enough money to be able to build up a few cars and go to car meets. I’ve always wanted to be in the car community and if that gets taken away it will upset way more people than it pleases.

  23. Save our cars. Let us modify them it is our only thing we love

  24. Walter Tindell says:

    Save our cars and an American pass time !

  25. Gavin Tadduni says:

    Save race cars

  26. Jason Bonora says:

    We need to save our cars not all cars on the street are race cars some are stance cars and lifted cars and all types of cars we need to stand for what we have and work hard for some of us have businesses and hobbies that revolve around building cars and they wanna make it illegal

  27. We’re missing the bigger problem contributing to the pollution. All this freight being imported and exported. Our modern cars are so damn packed with emission regulating devices it’s causing undue stress on these engines. The biggest issue is all the pollution caused by these cargo boats, trains and extreme lithium mining. There’s nothing green about these.

  28. Russell Wilson says:

    Save the race cars and our hobby

  29. Crystal Sellers says:

    Why are you taking everything that is Normal away!!

  30. Daniel D Hackens says:

    This is more than saving race cars it is saving our right to private property , we have aright to modify our cars they are privately owned property … So kiss my

  31. Eric Smith says:

    Stop taking our rights whether it’s the 2nd amendment or what we choose to do with our vehicles

  32. Harjot Singh says:

    Save our race cars!!

  33. Tucker Fine says:

    Save my car pls!

  34. Sandra Pitre says:

    Leave well enough alone the race cars.

  35. Save our race cars!

  36. Save our race cars!

  37. Save the racecars

  38. Michael andrade says:

    Save our passion

  39. mike mcanelly says:

    We live in The USA
    Not Russia

  40. Steven Sanders says:

    Save the race car hobby.A lot of aftermarket car parts are made by an American employ.A lot of jobs would be lost.

  41. tray gibbs says:

    save our race cars!

  42. Skip Foster says:

    What kind of people would do this?People that can’t outrun somebody else and got butt hurt about it? Try going to Hometown Racetrack and watch the people you’ll see that is like a family. Not something you want to do.

  43. Michael Sullivan says:

    The EPA is guilty of EXTREME over-reach! Anyone who knows anything about automobiles knows that modifying them for more efficiency (which is what modifying car engines is really about) makes them release FAR less dangerous emissions. Usually on the order of hundreds of times less! Pass the RPM act without fail. And while you’re at it Stop the over-reach of Government! Private Property is NOT the property of the Government. STOP protecting us from illusory climate control nonsense!

  44. Tanner Bouwman says:

    Horse power motors lives matter defund the EPA

  45. Quit taking away our rights

  46. Hilary Teal says:

    Stop changing shit. This is people’s jobs your messing with.

  47. Hilary Teal says:

    Please save

  48. Blake miles says:

    Modifying Cars have saved my life they are my escape don’t take our race cars away it’ll hurt more people then u can think of

  49. Thomas Breslau says:


  50. Raymond Carter says:

    I’m a member of muscle car enthusiasts and own a modified 1972 Pontiac LeMans since I was a child it was my dream to have a muscle car I’m in my fifties now and only acquired the car in 2014 my father and his siblings had muscle cars as well growing up hot roding is a part of Americana it’s deep in our heritage it’s created millions of jobs and businesses as well as sap porting other local businesses car clubs are also responsible for donations to much needed organizations such as children with Down’s syndrome every time I’ve been to car shows people are friendly and I’ve met interesting people and made a few new friends if the EPA is so interested with eco system why are they not going after every business with a drive through I take my car out only during the summer months and park it for hours at car shows and probably don’t put more than 300 miles on it during those months meantime every fast food and any other vendor with a drive through has a line of cars lined up running their motors waiting to order and get their food I can’t say that I have never used one myself but only if I must I have always found it better to walk in and Oder my food I don’t mean to get off topic but it agrivates me that there are better ways that the EPA could be looking for better ideas to lower emissions and not go after a small majority of car enthusiasts that do so much more than drive their cars around thanks you sincerely Ray Carter

  51. Bradley kendall says:

    Whats the point of banning all of this like I don’t understand what it’s doing wrong to us people.

  52. Antonio DeLeonibus says:

    We need to save our motor sports.
    All this cancel culture is getting out of hand

  53. Zachary Bissoondial says:

    racecars and mods are the tradition of america

  54. Save loud exhausts ✌️

  55. race cars are love

  56. Cars are good for ppl they let them go away frol the pain . The ppl with the same passion is the same as a new family

  57. Christopher l armrs says:

    Save are cars. Are jobs. Are way of life. Stand up for the rpm act. We the people should have the right to make are cars the way we like it’s are right we should be able to modify are cars or any thing else if we paid for it,

  58. Hard to sign the document. They ask for telephone number and i get this error

    Message #1: Message body is too long

  59. Thomas thompson says:

    Help the rpm act

  60. ben miller says:

    i want to keep motorsports

  61. De stanley says:

    Hot rods have been part of my life for 4 generations don’t take that away

  62. Kevin Watson says:

    It’s none of the government’s business.

  63. please let the cars and racecars and hot rods alone

  64. Tony Voth says:

    Last I looked l thought this was a FREE country BIG GOVERNMENT SUCKS

  65. James Hayes says:

    This just ridiculous and would put 100’s of thousands of people out of work

  66. Carolyn Dillahay says:

    Stop trying to destroy mechanical inovations/ideas that could lead to future improvements in emissions/cleaner air while allowing enjoyment of a long standing sport!

  67. Glen Whatley says:

    We need a common sense approach to this issue. Cars should be allowed to be modified regardless of manufacturers opinions without the EPA overreaching and threatening to take cars away because they don’t conform to original specifications. Automove emissions laws need to only operate by monitoring what is actually coming out of the tailpipe and not what equipment a vehicle has or doesn’t have.

  68. James E Rossi says:


  69. We need to keep our race cars!!

  70. Chad stierwald says:

    I like my freedom to fix up my vehicles and making them preform better

  71. Jack White says:

    I thought we were living in a free country and had the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now seems like the things that built this country are being taken away. Please don’t let this be one more thing taken away from the American people. This is an industry that supports millions of families mine included so keep that in mind.

  72. Jeff Kline says:

    Save our rights to do as we please to the cars we OWN!

  73. Jesse Lard says:

    Government does not control anyone

  74. Braylon Rooker says:

    Save the cars

  75. robert d gideon says:

    a lot of us live in poverty so taking a recent vintage engine and installing it in an older body in order to have a running and driving car is a cost effective way to get to and from work and other places Yes we need the parts to make this happen to take this away from us and destroy our lives is just wrong

  76. Stephen Day says:

    I have a car i have owned for the past 50 years. I have heavily modified it over the years, not for racing, but to improve the safety and maintainability of it.
    I have converted the horrible drum brakes to 4 wheel disk brakes, which really work great. I have replaced the manual steering system with a modern power steering. I have upgraded the suspension with modern shock absorbers and sway bars. I have replaced the wiring harness with a current electrical wiring system to improve lighting and engine control.

    As you can see, not all modifications we car people do are for racing, and some improve engine effiency. Please support the RPM Act now!

  77. David J Davis says:

    How about we dissolve the epa they dont care about mulitmillion dollar companies dumping waste.
    They just want to strip the common people of their rights and careers and hobbies

  78. robert Spencer says:

    save our racing

  79. robert Spencer says:

    save racing

  80. Michael McGraw says:

    The EPA has overreached its ability. You need to leave the diesel and gas cars alone.. as Congress forgets the we the people our the government and not you representing us. Our government is the biggest joke I have ever seen and an a huge embarrassment to the American people. Gas and Diesel engines that have been improved actually burn cleaner and more efficient. We don’t need the EPA trying to stop us from doing so.. I am a mechanic of over 30 years and no collage punk is going to tell me different because he’s the stupid one and you people believe him for any amount of money to line your pockets…

  81. Zach brothers says:

    Save the race cars…

  82. Prestin Murphy says:

    Racing has been in my family since the beginning of time. It’s a lifestyle.

  83. Stop this now, if it goes thru then a lot of businesses will be affected or out of business at a time this country needs any and all jobs, also the hobby and racecar industry also support a lot of charity organizations that rely on this monetary support, as an example eleven clubs in my area jointly have raised over a $150,000 for local charities.

  84. Stop the government from controlling what we can do or not do. It out cars not there’s. The cpa or whatever is not doing this for clean environment. They are doing it to control us like sheep.

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