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Sign the Letter: Tell Congress to Pass the RPM Act & Save Our Racecars!

The 2020 legislative session is coming to a close—but there’s still time for Congress to pass the RPM Act this year.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition and tell Congress to save our racecars!

Even if you’ve already sent your lawmakers a letter, they need to hear from you again NOW to get moving in the final weeks of the 2020 legislative session.

What’s the RPM Act?

Simply put, the RPM Act is proposed legislation that would ensure it stays legal to convert street vehicles into dedicated racecars.

In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled that converting a vehicle designed for street use into a dedicated racecar went against the Clean Air Act. Left unchecked, that ruling would have massive impacts on the motorsports community and industry.

The RPM Act was created in response to that ruling.

If you want to preserve motorsports as we know it, CLICK HERE to voice your support of the RPM Act to Congress before 2020’s legislative session closes.

You can read more about the RPM Act here.



  1. Amanda Bregger says:

    Save our race cars!

  2. This will Kill off generations of car people. Destroy a part of the economy.
    Ruin easy ways for parent-kid bonding time.
    Anyone against building fast cars or racing shouldn’t be in charge of anything but wiping their own ass.

  3. Motor sports have existed since the inception motor vehicle industry. The number of motor vehicles that are converted to be used only for the purpose of racing and the time used racing is a minuscule amount compared with non racing motor vehicles and will not have a measurable affect on clean air.

  4. Do you think for a minute that AOC and the clan give a damn about our automobiles. We need this act passes so we can legally go on with out hobbies and business.

  5. dems suck

  6. Do not pass the RPM act !!!!!

  7. We love racing, and we must pass the RPM Act! If we want to continue racing for years to come, then the RPM Act needs to be passed.

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