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Video: How to Choose a Fuel Pressure Regulator for Carbureted Engines

In today’s video, Jeremy Stoermer with Holley Performance is going to teach you how to choose a fuel pressure regulator for a carbureted engine setup. Stoermer will explain how understanding […]

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Quick Tech: Return- vs. Non Return-Style Fuel Pressure Regulators for Low-Pressure Fuel Systems

Back in the day, low-pressure fuel delivery systems were the norm. As carburetors evolved and fuel injection came into play, fuel pressures increased and low-pressure systems became common. However, low-pressure fuel […]

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Mailbag: Return vs. Non-Return Style Fuel Pressure Regulators

Q: I’m building a fuel system for my 1969 Chevelle. I plan on running an electric fuel pump that puts out a maximum pressure of 14 psi. What type of fuel […]