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The Hottest Rides and Gearhead Photos from Instagram (#offroad) – June 2017

We love the simple purity Instagram provides as a tool for capturing life and sharing it with the world. This week, the OnAllCylinders editorial staff browsed your Instagram posts (#offroad). We are […]

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Operation Raptor Seeks to Raise Funds for Critically Injured Special Forces Vets

The Navy SEALs were born in 1943 during World War II, only then they were called Underwater Demolition Teams. The UDTs were tasked with swimming onto enemy beaches and planting […]

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Video: Flowmaster Makes This Ford Raptor Purr

We’re not exactly experts on the Cretaceous Period around here, but we’re pretty sure Raptors didn’t purr. Well, we found one that does, courtesy of Flowmaster’s Super 40 muffler.