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AMC’s Rebel Machine Showed That Kenosha Could Bring the Muscle Car Fight to Detroit’s Big Three

While the Chrysler takeover of American Motors occurred over a several-year span in the late 1980s, the last day the name “American Motors” was officially used was August 25th, 1988, […]

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Behold the Cosworth Vega: A Chevy Subcompact with a Formula 1 Pedigree

For years, we thought the Cosworth Vega was a mythical creature that existed only in automotive history books. Until we saw one at the 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals. “It […]

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Check Out This 1972 Honda Z600—It’s All Original & a Former Autocross Champ

Amidst a sea of ground-pounding Detroit muscle at the 2021 Goodyguys Summit Racing Nationals, this pocket-size Honda stood out like a chipmunk running in the Kentucky Derby. It’s easily a […]

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Ever See a 1970s-Era Chevy Caprice with a Roof-Mounted Gooseneck Hitch Pull a Vintage Camper?

We’re guessing no. And that’s the biggest reason why we love going to large regional shows like the Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals, because they bring in a lot of vehicular […]

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Rare 1974 Chevy Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 Spotted at 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals—Check it Out!

Any time a vehicle’s name is four parts long, you know it’s going to be rare. So when the OnAllCylinders team spotted a Chevy Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 rumbling through […]

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Meet Chevolvo: A SBC-Powered Volvo P1800 – 2021 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals Mini-Feature

When you hear the name Volvo, we’re guessing a small, 2+2 sports car is not what comes to mind. But yes, for about a decade between the early 1960s and […]

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Michael Mahan’s 1923 Ford T-Bucket

Michael Mahan’s 1923 Ford harkens back to the earliest days of hot-rodding—the T-bucket. Featuring a two-seat Model T roadster body with a small turtle deck or pick-up box attached, these […]

SEMA 2017

SEMA Quick Feature: E.J. and Amy Fitzgerald’s 1955 Dodge Pickup

This Hot Orange hauler was built by E.J. and Amy Fitzgerald of Cool Hand Customs. The 1955 Dodge pickup truck’s body was modified to fit on a chassis with C4 […]

Bryan Fuller 1940 Ford truck Georgia Gold
SEMA 2017

SEMA Quick Feature: Bryan Fuller’s 1940 Ford “Georgia Gold” Barn Find Pickup

LAS VEGAS, NV — Master builder and TV personality Bryan Fuller created another gem with this fantastic 1940 Ford pickup we stumbled on while walking the maze of aisles at […]

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Video: This Custom 1941 Ford Pickup ‘Mirage’ is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

CLEVELAND, OH — It’s a 1941 Ford pickup. Kind of. It’s hard to explain because the only vehicles in the world that are anything like it are also entirely one-of-a-kind. Just […]