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Tools You Need to Assemble Deutsch Connectors: Affordable Options for High-End Vehicle Electrical Systems

Assembling most automotive style electrical connectors requires specialized tools. No secret there. And as we found out in our recent article How to Assemble Weatherproof Deutsch DT Connectors, Deutsch connectors […]

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How to Assemble Weatherproof Deutsch DT Connectors

There are all sorts of different electrical and electronic connectors available in today’s marketplace. They’re all used for the same thing: Providing cable (or harness) to cable (harness) connections. Some […]

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What is Dielectric Grease & Why (& Where) Should You Use It?

Pop open any old tune-up manual and you’re bound to find mention of something called dielectric grease. In fact, a lot of experienced mechanics simply call dielectric grease “tune up […]