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How to Install a Distributor and Set Initial Timing

Dropping a distributor into the engine is a time-honored procedure that has been around since the first engines coughed their way to life more than 100 years ago. With the […]


Mailbag: Ford 302 Oil Pump Driveshaft & Distributor Alignment Tips

Q: After rebuilding a 302 Ford EFI engine, I am having an issue getting my distributor to seat down all the way in the engine block. It’s about ¼-inch short. […]


Parts Bin: PerTronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition Modules

Back in the day, a breaker-points ignition system regulated by a mechanical distributor was what controlled engine timing. While that system worked o.k. for its era, “points” ignitions are now […]

HEI module wiring schematic

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Replacing an Antiquated Distributor on a Small Block

I have a 302 Ford in my street rod and have been using the Mallory Unilite distributor for years. Lately it’s been acting up and I can’t buy parts for […]

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Video: How to Match Camshaft and Distributor Gears

In the latest quick tech tip video from Power Nation and Summit Racing, tech expert and OnAllCylinders contributor Jeff Smith will help you properly match your camshaft gear to your […]

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Fired Up: Enhancing Power and Throttle Response with an MSD Distributor/Plug Wire Upgrade

MSD makes a high-end, high-performance distributor for almost every modern engine still in use. Using a Chevy V8—arguably the most popular conversion engine in use today—as the example, we pulled […]


Mailbag: “What is Causing My Car to Hesitate?”

Got questions? We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we find possible causes and cures for engine hesitation. R.H. Grand Rapids, MI Q: […]