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Mailbag: What Does an Oil Restrictor Do?

Q: What is an oil restrictor? … A: An oil restrictor installs in the oil passages of the engine block. It limits the flow of oil to certain parts of […]

Mailbag: Controlling Coolant Temps in a Chevy 350

Mailbag: Controlling Coolant Temps in a Chevy 350

Q: I’m trying to control the coolant temperature in my project vehicle. It’s got a new Chevy 350 engine block with a high-flow water pump and thermostat, plus I’m running […]

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Video: Pro Tips for Cooling System Maintenance and Repair

An effective cooling system is critical to achieving peak engine performance. In today’s video, Jason Mirth, US Motor Works’ product manager for cooling systems, shares pro tips for replacing your […]

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Losing Your Cool: 9 Cooling System Myths and Mistakes — and Why to Avoid Them!

There are many myths and misconceptions about engine cooling, but the truth is your engine’s cooling system must perform a balancing act. It needs to extract enough heat to keep your engine happy, […]

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Mailbag: Budget-Friendly Ways to Lower Engine Operating Temps

Q: I bought a 1988 Camaro IROC-Z with a 350 TPI (the second I have owned). My question is about engine running temperature. When the car is not moving faster than 30 […]

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Mailbag: Could Your Engine’s Power Loss Be a Sign of a Poor Cooling System?

  Q: I own a 1966 Chevy Biscayne with a 468-cubic-inch big block Chevy engine. It has 12:1 compression, Crane 298-degree duration cam, oval port cylinder heads, 926 cfm Holley double pumper […]

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The Waterless Option: Examining Waterless Coolant and Why It Might be Right for You

Since the 1930s, hot rodders and performance car enthusiasts have relied primarily on engine coolants made from a mix of ethylene glycol, water, and corrosion inhibitors. While these water-based coolants have done an […]

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Video: How to Install a Be Cool Direct-Fit Cooling Module

Nothing ruins a road trip or summer night cruise like an overheated engine. Fortunately, companies like Be Cool are aiming to make cooling system upgrades for classic cars easier than […]