With a big, easy to read face and handy chain to hang it on, Mishimoto’s cooling system pressure gauge makes it easy to troubleshoot nagging cooling system problems. (Image/Summit Racing)

It’s the middle of summer here at OnAllCylinders world headquarters.

Or as we like to call it, “peak overheating season.”

It’s a time where folks often have an eagle-eye trained on their temperature gauges to ensure the needle doesn’t creep too far into the red. And it’s also a time where once-minor cooling system problems suddenly start bubbling to the surface—often literally.

That’s why something like Mishimioto’s 28-Piece Cooling System Pressure Tester and Vacuum Refill Kit can be so invaluable.

Remember: maintaining consistent pressure is a critical part of cooling system operation. And whether it’s a faulty radiator cap or a weeping hose seal, it can be nigh-impossible to properly diagnose pressure loss without the right tools. And if you’re building (or rebuilding) an engine cooling system, then you’ll want to make sure it’s leak-free before you venture out onto sun-scorched roads.

You’ll also get handy radiator cap adapters too. (Image/Summit Racing)

Mishimioto’s kit includes adapters for most vehicles you’ll come across (having the right size is vital for the tool to work properly), along with a pressure/vacuum gauge, hand pump (to pressurize the system), and an assembly wrench.

Better yet, Mishimoto includes a vacuum purge and refill kit so you can restore vacuum after your coolant system leak is spotted and fixed. And it all comes packed in a handy storage case.

The best news? The entire kit is really affordable, making it a no-brainier tool for shops, engine builders, and home mechanics in charge of the family motor pool.