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Video: Benefits of Upgrading to Tubular Control Arms—Are They Worth It?

When you really start diving into suspension upgrades, you’ll likely find a lot of folks talking about tubular control arms. That’s because an aftermarket set of control arms can offer […]

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What is a Wishbone Suspension and How Does it Work?

When someone tells you their car or truck has a “wishbone suspension,” it’s not turkey-talk. They’re referring to a specific type of suspension design that allows the vehicle’s wheels to […]

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Video: Stock Control Arms vs. Tubular Control Arms: Which is Right for Your Ride?

Thinking about upgrading your suspension? Watch this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video and learn the basic differences between stock OEM control arms and aftermarket tubular control arms for your car […]

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Triangulated 4-Links: Make Your Stock Suspension Car Work

If you have a Fox-body or SN95 Mustang, a 1980s GM G-body (Grand National, Malibu, El Camino, etc.) or something like an early Chevelle or a GTO, it has a […]

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Suspension 201: 5 Ways to Improve Your Muscle Car’s Handling

The American muscle car is synonymous with brute power, tire-shredding torque, and—well, muscle. Things like handling, cornering, and ride comfort tend to be an afterthought in our pursuit of the […]

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Suspension 101: An Introduction to Harnessing Your Engine Power

Nearly a decade old, a Grassroots Motorsports magazine article titled “Soccer Moms’ Revenge,” recounts a day at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in Laurens, SC when the magazine’s staff took a […]